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Scepter Launches Blockchain Distributed

At Scepter, we don't just talk about marketing, we do it for ourselves. We feel that we can help our customers well because we engage in the same types of marketing ourselves. We do SEO. We run ads. We test, and we scale. This week, we're launching a new project aimed at the exploding bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. The site [...]

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Top 7 Advantages of Using Magento Enterprise Edition

Introduction to Magento Enterprise Edition Magento Enterprise Edition, the most used platform for the development of an eCommerce store is a platform for higher performance. This is the most scalable solution for eCommerce development companies which are fastly growing. It is a highly professional solution that offers business-class features and functionality along with the flexibility of optimizing an eCommerce store based [...]

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Social Media Logo Design – A New Frontier for Designers?

Introduction to Social Media Logo Design Long gone are the days when the sole purpose of a logo design was to look appealing on letterheads and business cards. However, time is changed now. People are dependent on the internet for all their needs and information gathering purpose; the internet has affected how we communicate and use content, and social media [...]

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Best Blank Starter WordPress Themes for Developers

Introduction to the Best Blank Starter WordPress Themes Premium Wordpress themes make light work of creating a professional-looking Wordpress site, though there is a caveat to that: your site will look the same as the hundreds of other sites using the same theme. We've compiled a list of the best blank starter WordPress themes for you to simplify this process. A [...]

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WordPress Survey Plugin: Must-Have Features

Introduction to the WordPress Survey Plugin Of all the techniques to improve your product or business, conducting surveys is probably the best. Surveys can point out the flaws and shortcomings of your service. A good survey is worth millions. Let's take a look at the technical aspects of conducting a survey. A good WordPress survey plugin is vital to conducting effective [...]

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WordPress Maintenance Tasks: Ten to Regularly Execute

Do you regularly check for loopholes on your WordPress website? Or do you wait, like many others, for something to go wrong? Many WordPress users do the latter, though they don’t necessarily wait - they just don’t check their website for glitches and loopholes. Even an air conditioning unit requires maintenance, at the starting of every summer we call the [...]

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