3 Ways to Drive Sales to an Online Jewelry Store with Social Media

If you’re not using social media, you’re missing out on a lot of things, including fun time with friends and family and interesting tidbits from around the world. But being a marketer, you’ll miss something even more— leads, traffic and sales you could be getting via social media. MarketingChart’s research [...]

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8 Ways to Find Winning Products for Your Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is the process of fulfilling an order through a third-party retailer’s website. It is like circumventing the retail supply chain since the retailer does not need to have a warehouse. What he does is place the order to the manufacturer or wholesaler, who will then fulfill it and send [...]

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Why Your Web Copy Needs To Be More ‘Show, Don’t Tell’

Glitzy visuals are eye-catching and important as a result. Videos pick up a lot of engagement and keep people around. Podcasts are spectacular for building expertise. This is all true, but it’s copy that runs the web. All of those elements can be stripped away, and most websites will still [...]

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4 Ways SEO Can Help You Manage Your Online Reputation

Bad stuff happens, even to great companies. Sometimes even a simple mistake can cause a volley of angry comments and cause a miniature disaster when it comes to your digital reputation. But once your business' negative reviews get a hold of the first page of Google Search results, you'll need [...]

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How to Create a Subscription Website Using WordPress: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you planning to create a subscription website? Great going! For a long time, webmasters had been relying simply on affiliate or advertising revenue to monetize their content. However, over the past few years, the subscription model has become quite popular. Subscription websites let website owners make money by allowing [...]

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Best Gaming WordPress Themes: 10 Spectacular Templates for your Site

There are a lot of gamers nowadays, and as you probably know, many games are now downloaded. If you want to start your gaming website, you need to make it good-looking, multi-functional and user-friendly. Our team at Scepter Marketing, a local web agency, has put together a list of the [...]

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7 Ways to Maximize the Profitability of Your e-Commerce Business

Being an e-commerce seller can be a lot of fun. You can easily test out new products and move in fresh directions without needing any external validation. One thing it’s never going to be, though, is easy. There’s so much competition out there that you have to scratch and claw [...]

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Internet Marketing Is Like the California Gold Rush

Simply put, Internet marketing is like the California gold rush. At least I feel like I've struck gold. Years ago I ventured out to learn how to make money on the Internet. And I had no idea what I was doing... Leading economist Paul Zane Plizer wrote a book called [...]

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