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Anyone can make a website. We make websites that help your organization get more business, streamline processes, and deliver needed information to customers quickly. Does your current website do that? If not, get in touch with the best web design company in Michigan!
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  • AWAKEN Church

    AWAKEN Church is authentic place, and as such, they wanted to a website that showcase that authenticity. Video was the perfect medium to do that, so we coordinated with a local video producer to create several videos to use on their website and on Facebook.

    awaken preview
  • Grace Exploration

    Explorer, world traveler, author, and speaker, Kevin DeVries is a one-of-a-kind guy who helps men reinterpret the pain that they have experienced in life so that they can see the destiny and the glory that they were born for. Scepter Marketing had the great privilege to create a new, powerful brand for Kevin’s non-profit organization called Grace Explorations.

    The brand, like the stories Kevin tells in his talks, needed to call the audience out into the unknown, into adventure. Once the brand was created, we reorganized the content from his previous site, and laid it out with imagery to match the brand and Kevin’s goals. It turned out beautifully! We continue to maintain the site for Kevin so that he can focus on doing what he loves.

    sceptermarketing 2 03 1
  • Isle Revive

    Recently acquired by a new owner, Isle Revive was in serious need of a upgraded, professional look to represent the heights to which their brand hoped to reach. Our designers went to work on crafting a new design which they loved. The results you can see for yourself!

    isle revive preview
  • Collaborative

    On the cutting edge of 3D modeling for large-scale construction projects, Collaborative needed updated branding and a website to showcase their work with hospitals, universities, and large commercial building projects.

    sceptermarketing 2 21
  • Design Rides

    A local auto accessories shop that needed a serious face lift so that their site would represent the level of work that they do with vehicles.

    4 07
  • Diamond Emotions

    Diamond Emotions is jewelry manufactuer who wanted to empower their customers to more easily display and sell their products. We worked with them and over a dozen of their customers to build a method of syncing 1000+ inventory pieces from the manufactuer site to the customers' sites. We also worked with their in-house designer to develop their website.

    diamond emotions preview
  • Press Castle

    One of our internal projects, the goal of PressCastle.com is to bring together every WordPress theme on the internet into once place to make them easily searchable based on their types and feature sets. So far, we have collected nearly 20,000 themes from over 300 websites and over 1300 authors and have organized them so that they are accessible to visitors.

    PressCastle.com has been featured on some of the largest WordPress industry blogs from WPTavern to DigWP. We believe it represents our expertise in being WordPress experts as it demonstrates our commitment to WordPress and its community.

    sceptermarketing 2 10 1
  • Studio M

    A professional photographer in Lansing, MI, Studio M needed not only a face lift, but a much more accessible, functional site. We worked with them to do just that!

    studio m preview
Put Your Site Next in Line

Web Design that Converts Visitors into Customers

What Are Your Goals?

No one wants a website just for the sake of it. Everyone wants the results that a great website and a digital marketing plan can bring to their business. Our first step is to understand what “results” means to you and your company. From there, we also seek to understand who your customers are, what you’re already doing that is working to bring them in, and how we can use your website to position you and your company as the market leader and to attract more of the customers that you want.

So what should your website be doing for you?

  • Getting visitors to call or email you?
  • Helping customers set appointments or book you or your services?
  • Making information accessible to your visitors quickly?
  • Directing customers to join your newsletter or follow you on social media?

We want to help you put your website to the perfect use for your business.

Make Your Website Earn Its Keep

Branding and Identity

Once we’ve established your goals, the next step is to craft a brand that will make your company recognizable and that drive loyalty from your customers. We do this through a “brand story” that goes far beyond just a logo. Visit our Business Branding page to learn more!

Discover Your Story

Graphic and Web Design

Once the brand story is established, we go to work designing creatives for your company’s needs. Wireframes are worked up at this point, which eventually become full-fledged web design mockups. We also create social media banners, ad banners, landing pages, email newsletters, and other graphics to ensure that the experience of your customers across the web is seamless and congruent.

Look Like the Professionals You Are

Website Development

Once the mockups are completed and signed off on, we go to work developing the website, testing and retesting it to make sure that everything works the way it is supposed to. We offer a high level of transparency so that we can make course corrections where necessary. We always want you to be highly satisfied with the site.

Who You Gonna Call?

Search Engine Optimization

A website should just be the beginning. Once the site is up, the project is passed off to our Search Engine Optimization team to ensure that your customers can find your site when searching the web for the products or services you provide.

Make a Great Impression Once They Do

Once you have all the pieces of the puzzle at your fingertips — including a professional web design, a cohesive brand identity, and traffic coming in from search results pages — you need to put it all together in a way that results in more sales and profit. Conversion optimization is like the choreography to an intricate dance while web design, SEO, and branding are the individual dancers. Forgetting about conversion optimization will cause your efforts to fall short … right when you’re on the brink of greatness!

Get Your Choreography in Line

Specialized Web Design Packages

Make Life Easier with Integrations 

Integrations allow us to make our web design and development even more efficient and effective. We can integrate with CRMs, social media sites, email auto responders, order management software, e-commerce marketplaces like eBay and Walmart, and more. Whatever is needed to make your workflows and systems streamlined, we can do it. Partner with Michigan’s trusted web design company.

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