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White Label Web Design, Development, and SEO Services

for Partners and Re-Sellers Who Want to Grow

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Why Scepter White Label?

White label can expand your web design
business in many ways – here are a few.

Free up your time.

Your projects will have a native-English-speaking,
single point of contact who knows your business
and who will manage all of your projects.

Quickly scale your business.

Our turnaround times are blazing fast without sacrificing
quality. We can expedite projects if necessary and turn
around small sites in 2 weeks or less.

Easily handle overflow.

Life happens, but it shouldn’t affect your projects. We
have enough staff to make sure you are covered in
cases of illnesses or other life events.

Make more money.

Make more money for your company and yourself by
offering more than just web design and development.
Our recurring marketing plans are lucrative for you
and your clients.

White Label can grow your web design firm.
Give us a call. 517-292-3199

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Our Process is Easy

For us, it’s about more than a website, it’s about helping our clients succeed by driving more traffic and more sales using the web.

We go over every detail of your project to find the keys to success. You will see your ideas come to life as our project managers begin to define and plan every last detail.

Our designers deliver cutting-edge, mobile-friendly websites that accomplish your design goals while funneling new traffic and converting that traffic into leads and sales.

We start with creating a logo and then a brand which we then translate into web mock-ups and eventually a website supported with graphic design.

We have the very best designers and developers, working as a team, to bring your new project to life. From custom code to creative plugins, we know what it takes and we bring it!

We identify strategy that empowers your company to focus on its core audience and create design that equips you to speak with your company’s unique voice.

We believe in Results Based Marketing so we work closely with our clients to craft, implement, and track digital marketing strategies that help our clients reach their goals.

Seeing your new project go live is exciting, but it is just the beginning of the journey. We handle everything, from maintenance to hosting to customer support, so you can focus on your business.

Let’s strategize and find a solution
for your growing web design firm.

Give us a call. 517-292-3199

Double Your Business with Our Help

We started working with our first white label customer three years ago, and since then, that customer has nearly doubled their business. Working with us allowed the one-man shop to focus on networking, getting new customers, and growing the business – which he did. It has been a fantastic arrangement, and he has been so thrilled with our work, that we decided to offer our services to other firms as well. We hope that in helping you double your business, we will double ours as well.

White Label Web Design

Our team of expert designers is highly capable of crafting beautiful websites according to your brand. We offer entire entire branding solutions as well as a la carte graphic design options.

White Label Web Development

Web development is what we do all day every day. Whether you need a simple, one-page site, a custom theme, app, or plugin, or large-scale web application, we’ve got you covered.

White Label SEO

Creating awesome sites and SEO go hand-in-hand. We offer white label SEO services to help get your customers ranked highly in both organic listings and Google Maps.

Why Scepter White Label?

The Reasons You’ll Love It

How Our Outsourcing Process Works

After you have engaged your customer, you will need to acquire the required information to define the scope of the project so that we can get started with our white label web design services quickly. The project scope includes things such as:

  • Goals of the site
  • Example websites and graphics that you or the customer like
  • Any creatives that you or the customer have already made (logo, banners, brochures, etc.)
  • Your estimated budget for this project (after calculating your costs)
  • Site map of the pages to be included
  • Features and functionality that needs to be included

To help you with this, we have created a project scope checklist. Please get in touch with us for a copy of it.

Once we’ve received your project scope, we will get back to you with a quote. Depending on the features and functionality that are required for the project scope, we are able to provide 2 different types of quotes to try to fit customer budgets:

  • Patchwork Solution – The WordPress ecosystem is so extensive that we are often able to use an existing theme and existing plugins to build out a site that matches the project scope even when using a custom design. This solution is perfect for simple sites that do not require several pieces of advanced functionality to work together.
  • Custom Solution – For the customers that want a truly custom solution or that require several advanced features, we can build a custom theme and custom plugins so that we can perfectly accommodate the needs of the customer. When we build a custom theme and custom plugins, we are able to create a much more cohesive solution that is more stable, easier to maintain, and that can exactly match the needs and desires of the customer.

As you can probably guess, Patchwork Solutions are generally cheaper in the short run and work perfectly for many sites whereas our Custom Solutions are more expensive but are necessary for advanced functionality.

Our goal is to find a win-win solution that accomplishes the needs of the customer in the best way possible for long-term success.

Once the quote is accepted by you, our team will get to work on the website according to the project scope. We will set up the site and work on it in our test environment and will provide you links to view the progress and to show your customer.

If we are creating the mock-ups and doing other design work, we will submit the designs to you first so that you can your customer can dialog about it and request changes to the mock-up. Once the mock-up is approved, we’ll get to work on the site.

As the project progresses, you will have the opportunity to review the work on our test area, request revisions, and test functionality to prepare for the final sign off and delivery of the project.

Once the project is finished, you will have some time to review the site, test the functionality, and go over it with your customer. Then, when the last revisions are finished, the site can be made live on our servers or we can migrate the site from our staging environment to one of several hosting companies at no additional charge.

And don’t worry! Even once the project is finished, we will be happy to fix any bugs that we all may have missed within the first 30 days of the site going live. Beyond that, we will continue to be available to offer additional services to you and your customers should you need them!

Our team is capable of building websites on a variety of platforms outside of WordPress from using popular CMS systems such as Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Duda, and Bigcommerce to full scale web applications using php frameworks, .Net, or Java and most everything in between.

With larger projects, we usually recommend setting time aside for a kick-off call to talk about your project with you and, if your comfortable with it, your client as well. We are happy to talk to your client as a member of your web team, and we recommend phone calls for larger scale projects. In some cases, many phone calls are necessary to make sure that we fully understand the project scope so that we are clearly defining the scope and can therefore provide an accurate quote.

Once the project scope is clearly defined, we will provide a quote to you based on the amount of work to be done. Our quotes are firm meaning that we will not go over the amount unless it is agreed upon by both us and you due to additional requirements being added to the scope.

For larger projects that take several weeks or several months, our quotes will come with milestones. At each milestone, you and your customer will have a chance to review the work that was done, submit revisions, and eventually sign off on that portion of the work and make payment for that work. We generally provide milestones every 2-4 weeks.

Once the scope of the project is defined and the quote has been signed off on, our team gets to work building the site or web application. With larger scale projects, we generally have a “kick-off call” to help set expectations for both you and your customer as to how we can expect the project to proceed. We strive to offer both great communication and a high level of transparency so that you as a reseller will always be able to let your customer know exactly how the project is progressing and what its current status is.

Where necessary, we are able to provide a contract as well as a statement of work for white label projects.

We offer several online marketing services that you can resell to your clients to take their businesses to the next level while putting more money in your pocket.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Getting ranked highly in Google for keywords that are relevant to your client’s website can help to drive both traffic and sales to your client’s business. Before beginning, we conduct our own keyword research and then plan a SEO strategy around the customer’s business. We approach SEO comprehensively, and therefore we create packages that will fit the customer’s needs. We also offer reports that you can pass along to your customers about their site, their rankings, and their competitors. In short, we make it easy for you as a re-seller to offer SEO.
  • Local SEO Services – Working with a business that needs to get ranked locally? We can help your customers dominate their local markets. We offer SEO reseller services ranging from on-page optimization and content creation to citation building to Google Maps optimization to link building. We also offer white label reports for local rankings as well so that it’s easy for you to show progress to your clients and make the sale.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing – For our re-sellers that have customers which need quicker results than SEO services can provide, we offer PPC services both on the national and local level and on both Google and Facebook platforms. Here too we start with our own keyword research and an analysis of competitors in the same space and then build out campaigns for your customers. No matter the size of the company, we always start small and we test, test, test, test before scaling to help ensure minimal waste and maximum ROI.

The above 3 services are the ones that are most easily packaged for our white label customers to sell. However, we are happy to discuss additional options and methods with you and your clients if necessary.

We offer a host of services for most any small, web-related job. If you are looking for WordPress specific services, please check here: WordPress Services

Here is a brief list of some of the services that we offer:

  • Fixing Broken Sites – We can fix sites that have broken due to a variety of issues from JS conflicts to responsiveness issues to site hacks
    Tweaking existing sites – We can make adjustments to current sites by adding new pages, designing new graphics, or making other adjustments
  • Graphic design – We can design web mockups, banners, sliders, graphics, overlays, and most other graphic design tasks
    Photo editing – Our team of expert photo editors can color correct, crop, adjust horizons, sharpen, brighten, or otherwise edit images, remove backgrounds, merge images, and more.
  • PSD to HTML conversion – We can create responsive HTML and CSS markup based on a PSD that you provide with quick turn around times.
  • PSD to WordPress conversion – We can translate your PSD into a WordPress theme either with or without theme options
  • Landing Page Set Up – We can design and code landing pages for your clients which can be tied in with autoresponders or other marketing services.

If you are interested in reselling any of these white label services, please get in touch.

Benefits of Becoming a White Label Partner.

Here are some of the benefits that our outsource partners enjoy when working with us.


Your projects will have a native-English-speaking, single point of contact who knows your business and who will manage all of your projects.


Life happens, but it shouldn’t affect your projects. We have enough staff to make sure you are covered in cases of illnesses or other life events.


Make more money for your company and yourself by offering more than just web design and development. Our recurring marketing plans are lucrative for you and your clients.


Our turnaround times are blazing fast without sacrificing quality. We can expedite projects if necessary and turn around small sites in 2 weeks or less.

Industries We Serve

There are several types of partners that can benefit by working with us to service their customers, and not all of them are technology driven. While most of our reseller partners are other web design and development agencies, we have also worked with several other types of organizations that wanted to add additional products and services to their portfolio without doing it all in house.

Many people wrongfully assume that anyone that knows anything about computers also knows about web design. IT Consultants often find themselves in positions where they are asked to help with web services even if they don’t provide them. Adding services such as those that Scepter offers can help IT consultants significantly increase the revenue that they get from their already existing clients.

Marketing consultants are often brilliant at driving the ROI of the clients they serve, and many times the state of the client’s website is their biggest obstacle. Marketing consultants need a partner who can quickly put up new landing pages, install tracking pixels, and even write some copy so that they can more effectively help their clients grow their businesses through their marketing efforts.

Associations often thrive on helping their members provide best-in-class services. One key way to help many members is to offer web site and digital marketing services to them. Offering these types of services as well as education around these services makes associations even more valuable to their members.

Sometimes manufacturers’ sales can be limited by the ability of their purchasers to sell their items. Partnering with a web company such as ours gives manufacturers the ability to help their retail customers sell more products through better, e-commerce websites that drive traffic and sales. More sales for the retailers means more sales for the manufacturers!

In order to further the success of the companies that they invest in, venture capitalists often need to provide web marketing services to their clients from websites to SEO to PPC to other types of marketing, but they do not always keep people on staff to handle all of these needs. Outsourcing web marketing and web creation services to a company such as Scepter allows venture capitalists to quickly and effectively help their investments flourish.

Websites are integral to any business these days, and even more so for start-ups. Whether attempting to attract investors, grow a following, or increase awareness for a Kickstarter campaign, websites are critical for start-ups. Having a partnership with Scepter allows incubators the flexibility to help new companies get off to a great start while not having to staff the resources to do so.

Outsource Partners Who Trust Us

Here are a few of the companies that trust us with their customers’ web design, development, and marketing needs

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White Label Benefits

Our white label services help you to save a significant amount of money. In slow seasons you don’t need to worry about paying staff when little work is coming in. In busy times, you don’t have to worry about not having enough staff to cover all of the work that needs to be done. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Not only can you save money on staffing costs, but our clients see huge gains in time savings as well. With our outsourcing services, you will have a single point of contact that will handle all of your concerns for your customers and then translate those needs, goals, and objectives to our team so that you don’t have to. You save both time and money by letting us handle it so you can get back to work focusing on building your business.

Growing an agency can be difficult. If you grow to fast, you may not have enough staff to get the work done. If you don’t grow quickly enough, you may not be able to continue to pay the business expenses that you do have.

Our white label outsourcing services solve this issue for you. Our partners have the flexibility to grow as fast or as slow as they like. If they grow incredibly fast, they can be confident that the work they bring in will be done on time and on budget for their customers. If, on the other hand, growth does not happen as fast as they would like, they don’t have to be afraid that they won’t be able to make payroll.

It’s a well known fact that current customers are much more likely to buy from you then new customers. When you become a partner with our company, you gain access to our full range of services which you can sell to your customers that will help them grow their businesses online as well as put more money in your pocket.
It’s a well known fact that current customers are much more likely to buy from you then new customers. When you become a partner with our company, you gain access to our full range of services which you can sell to your customers that will help them grow their businesses online as well as put more money in your pocket.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Branding and Identity Work
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • WordPress Websites including custom themes and plugins
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adwords Management and Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Banner Advertisement
  • Email Marketing

Why spend the time and money building up a staff with the skills we already have? Spending money and time on hiring, training, benefits and equipment doesn’t make sense when you have a professional, US based design department at your service any time you need us.

Not only are the startup costs and effort considerable, but the ongoing costs of training, benefits, salaries and the very real possibility that you may find you do not need them full time is an unnecessary risk when you have us as your branded, in-house web and seo department.

You know your business. Let us free you up to grow it.

The time it takes to build up a talented, professional web design department can slow or even stop your production or delivery. Even if you plan on using freelancers, the time it takes to find the right staff that can deliver on time and on budget is considerable. The very real possibility that you experience production delays can mean lost clients and lost revenue.

Consider that having us as your in-house, dedicated web design department can keep your business running seamlessly and leave you to do what you do best.

Building up the staff and skills to deliver cutting-edge, responsive websites is a drain on your time and checkbook. Making sure that your staff is current and trained on the latest technologies will take away from your core mission. Investing the resources to train up your staff, only to see them move on to other opportunities, is a costly and real possibility.

Why bother trying to bring the staff inside your business when we are available 365 days a year, with no contracts, no monthly minimums?

Most of our white label web design clients operate in other areas of the communications, retail, or design field. In today’s market, these fields will inevitably get requests from their clients to provide web design and/or seo services at the same high level of quality that their client is used to.

At first, it would seem logical to hire up and spin up an in-house design department. How hard could it be? But businesses succeed today by running lean and sticking to their core mission. Bloating your staff and payroll means you now have the burden of upselling all of your clients just to justify the costs of the new department, drawing the focus away from what you do best.

As a client of a white label web design company, you have the ability to deliver quality work to your clients and present it as your own, because it is your own. You get the product delivered on time, on budget, without the costs and risks of trying to manage it yourself. We focus on delivering the perfect product, you focus on your core business.

White Label Web Design and Development Services


White Label in general is a description for services or products produced or developed by one company that the buyer company sells or delivers as it’s own. Many successful companies use white label services to offer web design and seo services without having to invest in creating the needed infrastructure.The benefits to the buyer are the availability of a full web design department without the investment, and the benefit to the White Label design company is increased sales. The buyer delivers the work as their own, under their brand, without expending any resources in overhead or development. We give you the ability to offer your clients a full-time web and marketing staff that acts and works as a department of your company. From development to customer service, we handle it all.

Yes of course. We can build both custom themes and plugins according to your or your customers’ specifications.

No. Our team can work with a wide variety of CMS’s and can even code custom sites from the ground up.

Yes of course! We can convert your design to a fully responsive WordPress theme.

With our partnership program, we simply pay a commission to our partners that refer business to us. This is the better option for companies or individuals that get website inquiries from customers but that don’t want to manage the projects themselves. Our partners are simply compensated for referring business to us whereas the white label arrangement still requires some management on the side of the white label partner.

Just get in touch. Let us know what your pain points are, and how we can best help you deliver great results to your customers.

Of course! We come alongside of you to make your life easier. If that means just doing the website designs which you implement, great! If you need the development but you handle the design yourself, that’s cool too. If you need us to do both, we’ve got you covered. Design, development, and marketing services are all offered a la carte!

It depends on the project, but here are some rough estimates:
Single home page design: 1-2 weeks (no branding)
Website branding including logo 2-4 weeks.
Small WordPress sites with PSD to an existing theme like Avada or Divi: 2-4 weeks.
Shopify site set up of apps and theme (no design): 1-2 weeks.
Custom Shopify design and implementation: 2-4 weeks.
Large WP site: 3-8 weeks.
Ecommerce site, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, OpenCart, Magento, etc.: 3-10 weeks.

Please get in touch with us to discuss pricing. We can price project at fixed rates or by the hour depending on the project type and scope.

Depending on the volume or nature of projects we’re working on together, it sometimes does make sense for us to have direct contact with your customers. We are able to do this while protecting your brand.

Yes. We work best when everything is very organized, so we are happy to use whatever tool you’d like to use. We prefer Teamwork, Basecamp, or Zoho, and we’d discourage the use of Asana.

Still not sure that this is an option for you?

Consider these advantages..

Bring us on board as your white label partner and focus on your core mission without missing a sale. We provide the talent, the product, and the support, you provide the business. No risk, no contracts, no investment on your part.

Affordable, Hassle Free Outsourcing for Resellers

Our services are incredibly reasonable for the growing web firm. We work with our white-label partners to make sure there is enough revenue in the project so that we are both satisfied.

We manage our team of over a dozen designers and developers so that you don’t have to worry about HR, management, quality assurance, or payroll. You’ll interact with your project manager who will take care of everything else.

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