Drive your content in a way that firmly gathers your readers into clients with some amazing positive client activities like to have the keen knowledge of what he is looking for and compliment it later. However, a well-composed site content can convert into leads, clients, and deals. Organizations actually break their banks to get a capable, deals [...]

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10 Ways to Optimize Your Images and Media Like an Expert

Image optimization for marketing means serving images on web pages to users with an ideal balance between file size and image quality. The following benefits from optimizing images (and other media) are vital from a marketing perspective. Improved download speed. Global internet speeds improve each year, but not for everyone, especially those on mobile devices. [...]

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7 Tips for SEOing Your WordPress Site

WordPress has secured a name for itself as the world’s most popular content management systems in the world. From where it stands currently, WordPress is quite future proof; it can only get better in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, there’s much more to WordPress than merely downloading and installing it. Besides security and performance, your site [...]

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How to Apply Digital Signage to WordPress

We have used WordPress as a CMS platform, Blogging platform, website builder and everything else we could think of. WordPress has become our best friend in the long journey of entrepreneurship, database maintenance and now it has recently stepped into digital marketing as well. We are not saying that WordPress was never there before, but [...]

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Helping Lansing Small Businesses Connect With Customers

For Immediate Release: 10-28-11 This coming November, Scepter will be launching a revamped version of their Lansing business directory. This directory will provide a great place for Lansing consumers to connect with small businesses and vice versa. The directory site is similar in concept to the Yellow Pages but exclusively for Lansing. This directory will [...]

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Small Business Internet Marketing 101

Many business owners are overwhelmed when it comes to the internet and they aren't quite sure where to start. Here is a quick 3 point guide to help any small business get started marketing their business and website online. We are going to assume that the business already has a website and a Facebook page [...]

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