Pirated WordPress Themes Put Your Site’s Users At Risk

Pirated WordPress Themes: The Consequences Pirate WordPress themes are premium themes made available by unscrupulous third-parties for free. For someone unfamiliar with how the WordPress ecosystem works, pirate themes can be tempting. But installing a pirate theme is almost certainly a bad move that will have negative security and SEO ramifications for your site and [...]

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WordPress Questions Answered: Is Disabling Right Clicking In WordPress A Good Idea?

Building a website is hard work. It’s a creative endeavor, and whether it’s a blog, a photography site, or a business site, no one likes to see someone else taking the results of their hard work to use without permission and, more to the point, without paying. The easiest way for ordinary users to filch [...]

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Does Changing WordPress Themes Affect Your SEO Results?

The answer to the question "does changing WordPress Themes Affect Your SEO Results" remains dynamic and is dependent entirely on the situations that it passes through. Changing WordPress website themes can affect the SEO results of your WordPress website as well as WordPress blog, whether it changes  SEO positively or negatively depends on the process.  [...]

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5 WordPress Developer Tools to Use

Introduction to WordPress Developer Tools It goes without saying that there is a lot that goes into developing your own WordPress theme.  You must sketch out what the final product looks like, developing your theme’s functionality, picking colors and fonts, finding the right images, and so on and so forth, but one of the biggest challenges [...]

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Guide to Complete SEO Audit of your WordPress Website

Improving the performance of a website on all the major search engines is undoubtedly crucial to generating quality leads and traffic. But, how can that be achieved? Well, the answer to that is a good SEO. An excellent Search Engine Optimization is essential in today’s times and would boost your online visibility while also enhancing [...]

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How do design your WordPress site within a budget?

There are thousands of entrepreneurs and bloggers out there, who are right now thinking about getting a website of their own. Most business owners have thought of going online, but they have stepped down thinking of the cost of website building and maintenance. Professional website builders are a great option, but they cost money. Personal [...]

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