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WordPress is highly accessible, with themes and plugins that can perform numerous functions. But despite being more user-friendly than trying to build a website from scratch, WordPress websites reach their maximum potential in the hands of a professional WordPress web design and development team. That’s when your website becomes capable of building your reputation and bringing in more sales.

WordPress Web Design Transforms Your Online Presence

Your WordPress website is the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy. If your advertisements and campaigns do their job and convince people to click on your website, what will they find? Professional WordPress web design services ensure you make a great impression and nurture your customers through your sales funnel. 
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Custom WordPress Theme Designs

There are over 30,000 WordPress themes on the market, but we know which ones perform the best and remain completely customizable. Need something totally unique? Talk to us about WordPress theme design and development.
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Custom WordPress Plugins

We build custom plugins to help extend the functionality of WordPress, allowing you to utilize the powerful, easy-to-use WordPress platform while still accomplishing your website goals.
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WordPress Maintenance

With WordPress maintenance and support, we take care of all the little tweaks, changes, updates, and hiccups. Then, you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.
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WordPress SEO

An optimized WordPress website practically pays for itself. Our WordPress SEO services are the perfect complement to our custom web design, ensuring you get found by customers on Google.
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New White Label Web Services

White Label WordPress Services

Want to offer WordPress services but don’t have the expertise? Contract with us on a white label basis to add your brand to our deliverables.
Our White Label WordPress Services

Our WordPress Contributions

Over the years, we have made some great contributions to the WordPress community, such as the following:
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One of the themes that we built ourselves from the ground up, Pixel Linear is proudly displayed in the WordPress.org directory and currently has over 10,000 active websites using it. Best of all, it’s completely free.

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This site is the largest directory of WordPress themes on the Internet, where we have collected over 15,000 themes from over 1,400 authors from over 300 websites all into one place to help people find the perfect theme.

We create many different types of WordPress websites, including:

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Membership / Subscription Sites




Multi-Lingual Sites


Job Boards

Our projects have been featured on:

WordPress FAQs

Because WordPress was released under a GPL license, developers, designers, and the like have been constantly working on and improving WordPress for the betterment of the entire WordPress community. Since the WordPress code can be downloaded and used for free, the barrier of entry for using WordPress has been much lower than it has been for other CMS’s.

WordPress is also incredibly easy to use, easy to update, and has a lot of features already built in. There are also over 50,000 plugins for WordPress that allow WordPress developers and site owners to easily extend the functionality of WordPress. On top of that, there are over 30,000 themes for WordPress.

In short, this means that WordPress is almost infinitely flexible to be made to look a certain way while having the features and functionalities that you would want in a website. Many websites can be pieced together using already existing themes and plugins, which helps to drastically reduce the cost of web development.

WordPress plugins are a way to extend the functionality of WordPress without altering the core files of WordPress.

Plugins can extend the functionality of WordPress drastically, allowing you to add everything from social media links and widgets to shopping carts to membership features to fancy sliders or banners to features that make laying out your content easier … and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Most plugins are available for free in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory, but there are several sites that offer paid plugins as well.

Even with as many plugins as there are, though, it’s quite possible that none of them will quite fit exactly what you’re looking for on your site. This is where we can help with custom plugin development.

Generally speaking, a WordPress theme is what defines how your WP site will look. They include code files for displaying the various page types that are built into WordPress by default, such as the home page, blog page, archive pages (pages based on categories, tags, etc.), and other pages.

Some themes also extend the types of pages beyond the default set of WP by adding pages such as Portfolio, Team Members, Gallery, etc. Some themes also extend the functionality of WordPress as well (similar to plugins) by adding features such as settings for changing colors, logo, page layouts, etc. Some themes also go above and beyond adding pages and settings to include all the functionality of a “web app” for displaying real estate properties, running an online store, creating a job site, or making a local business directory, just to name a few.

These days, many WordPress themes can be changed using the built-in customizer so long as they are utilizing WordPress’s best practices for development. The customizer allows a user to view the changes to the WordPress site on the front end in real time, so it is quite a handy tool. WordPress has also recently released the Gutenberg editor to further make it easier to edit WordPress content.

Yes we do! We offer our white label web design and development services to our agency partners. If you are interested in learning more, please follow that link. In addition to our white label web design program, we also have a referral program. To learn more about it, please reach out through the contact button at the top of this page.

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