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e-Commerce Website Design

Because a Well-Designed e-Commerce Site
Pays for Itself

Is your e-commerce website design scaring away customers?

User experience (UX) represents a huge yet subtle factor in e-commerce website design. If you’ve noticed that users …

  • Abandon their carts
  • Don’t become repeat customers
  • Exit pages as soon as they load
  • Spend time browsing but never buy
  • Don’t take advantage of discounts or upsell opportunities

… then your website sorely needs a redesign.

Stop Losing Your Customers
Ecommerce Website Design

Ready to do e-commerce website development the right way?

If you’re planning a brand-new e-commerce website and want to avoid all the problems mentioned above in the first place, start with our professional e-commerce web design services. We can make you a Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento website, or work with other e-commerce platforms to bring you a beautiful and effective online store that converts browsers into customers.

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e-Commerce Website FAQs

You can enjoy success with any number of e-commerce platforms available on the market. You can have an e-commerce website with WordPress by using a plugin like WooCommerce . If you’re ready to start an online store and don’t yet have a website, Shopify or BigCommerce represent a excellent standalone platforms. We also do Magento web development. Not sure what’s best for you? Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Cart abandonment can happen for many reasons. Maybe your site design does not support your sales funnel as well as you thought. Or maybe shoppers don’t trust your site because of its unprofessional design.

Analyzing user behavior on your site is the first step toward understanding why cart abandonment happens. It will always happen to a certain extent, but you can bring customers back with different marketing strategies and a professional design.

Themes are a great place to start for e-commerce web design, and they can give you a great UX if you know what to look for. Different themes and templates exist based on the platform you choose. For example, there are Shopify themes and WordPress themes, but they aren’t interchangeable. Make sure you choose an e-commerce theme that matches your platform.

But one of the important aspects of e-commerce web design is analyzing user behavior. Is your site honestly working the way you expect it to? If you get a ton of traffic but no one buys anything, that great e-commerce theme you chose may not be working after all. You need custom website e-commerce, like Magento, web design to make sure YOUR audience can find what they need.

It depends on how much information you need to display for each product. Products with long descriptions or that require a long list of measurements and specifications are trickier to list.

In general, product pictures displayed next to a bullet-point list of features and a prominent “Add to Cart” button do well. Below this, you could have a recommended product section to encourage cross-sell opportunities.

After this, collapsible menus can come in handy for keeping a lot of information tucked away when it’s not desired. Users can bring up additional product descriptions, specifications, reviews, and Q&As here.

We understand that there’s more than one way to monetize a site. Even though you have an e-commerce store and generate revenue from product sales, you still may need to display third-party advertisements throughout the site. If improperly placed, these can certainly be distracting. Ads that appear in the margins are least likely to confuse users or pull them out of your sales funnel. Ads on product pages and search results pages are more likely to create a hiccup in users’ quest for information, but it can still be done.

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You’ve already done so much to set up your e-commerce store. Figuring out what to sell, how to source and ship it, and getting people interested enough to visit your site are huge milestones. Don’t let poor web design frustrate buyers — or you!

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