How Many WordPress Themes Are There?

Updated May 2020: Although we are constantly conducting research in order to add to the raw data that answers this question and keeps it up-to-date, we wanted to bring you even more information about WordPress themes. Now you can learn about the best-selling themes of all time and see some popular themes in different niches, plus find out more about buying and selling themes. 

How Many WordPress Themes Are There?

Is there really a way to quantify how many WordPress themes there are on the Internet today? Truth be told, it can be very difficult to come up with the right answer. It has to be a high number, right? We all know WordPress powers some 30%+ of the entire Internet, and along with that there are thousands and thousands of contributors to the WP ecosystem. We wanted to know how many themes there are in total.

The question itself brought up even more questions. Are we considering the total number of WordPress themes that have ever been made, or just themes that are still presently available? Even this question is difficult to answer. Then, if we consider themes that are still available, do we consider themes that are up-to-date with the latest version of WP only? Do we count premium themes as one theme or two? Do we count child themes as theme or do we just count their parent theme?

The Criteria for Theme Counting

In the end, we decided to use the following criteria in our count of themes that are available through WordPress today:

  1. Themes that are available for download or purchase
  2. Themes that are known (or likely) to be up-to-date
  3. Child themes that are for sale are included in the count
  4. Where possible, themes that have both a free version and a paid version are counted as one theme
  5. And of course, we’re only counting WordPress themes and not mere designs or templates or themes of any other type

In the list below, you will find our most up-to-date list of themes broken down by website. We have listed the site where the themes are available, the number of themes, the cost of the themes, and whether that site or theme company has a theme club (where you get a discounted rate to buy all themes).

We believe this list will come in handy for those who are still beginning to build a website while operating on a very tight budget. That way, you don’t have to pressure yourself too much with an expensive website until you can afford to do so.

As theme companies or sites die off, they will be removed from the list and new companies will be added. We plan to update this list regularly, so if we happen to be missing a theme company or a site with themes (or a theme without a site?) then please let us know and we will be happy to add it! Especially because these changes may occur daily, it can also be difficult to stay up-to-date with applying these changes to the list. So, your input does help.

You can sort the columns ascending to descending or vice versa if you’d like.

Total number of themes

Average price for a theme

Number of theme companies


So There Are Thousands of WP Themes … Which Are the Best?

If you were to ask 10 developers to name the Best WordPress Theme, you’d probably get 10 different responses. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to design. The specific benefits of using a particular WordPress theme hinges on each website’s goals, audience, products, etc.

But sales figures and statistics don’t lie. Here are the top Best-Selling WordPress Themes of All Time:

1. Divi

What is it about Divi that has motivated more than 550,000 downloads? Perhaps it is the theme’s intuitive drag-and-drop design feature with dozens of elements to quickly drop in and edit visually.

Or maybe its incredible global appeal boosted its sales off the charts: Divi has been translated into over 30 languages and fully supports right-to-left languages and designs.


Or it could be the built-in marketing tools, such as the split-testing shown in the above screenshot. You’ll just have to read the reviews and try the demo version to find out for yourself! If you need expert guidance along the way, contact an agency like Scepter Marketing or — for UK-based service — Caffeine Marketing.

2. Avada

Over 475,000 + buyers on ThemeForest, the marketplace with the greatest number of WP themes for sale, have cast their proverbial vote for Avada. Including our web design team here at Scepter Marketing!


Avada has been the #1-selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest for over 5 years and #2 on the entire Internet. What makes it so great? Perhaps it’s Avada’s high customization, which makes it easy for even non-developers to create a website that looks totally coded from scratch. With a license sold at a reasonable $60 and great support options, Avada has held tight to its hold as the #2 Best WordPress Theme of All Time.

Other “Best of” WordPress Themes

Looking for a specific niche or type of theme? Our round-ups are here to help!

More round-ups added all the time!

Best Places to Buy or Sell WordPress Themes

As you can see from the chart above, you can buy WordPress themes from hundreds of sites. Where’s the best place to browse and buy?

ThemeForest deserves a shout-out as one of the best places for theme buyers. Over 11,000 themes can be purchased through the site. With so many themes in one place, buyers can easily search and compare.

When it comes to selling WordPress themes, we highly recommend checking out our post on the subject: 15 Places to Sell Your WordPress Themes Online. We’ve listed all of the WP marketplaces that we could find, included a comparison chart to help you weigh the pros and cons of commissions, web traffic, and price control, and explained in detail how each of these factors can affect your choice of marketplace.