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WordPress Help from Real People

If you have to track down a WordPress developer every time you need help with an update or change, you are wasting valuable time, which translates into lost profit. For less than the price of a cup of coffee each morning, you can start your work day knowing that your website is cared for, maintained, and protected.

How’s that for peace of mind?

Talk to Real People
Talk to Real People
Skip the call menu and connect with a real human when something goes wrong…
WP Regular Updates Backups
Regular Updates & Backups
Tired of those update notifications and wondering if one of them will break your…
WP Serious Security
Serious Security
Multiple layers of tight security help you vanquish hackers, survive DDOS…
Speed Optimizations
Speed Optimizations
From lightning fast Google Cloud servers to custom configurations and compression, …
Custom Development
Custom Development
Need something else beyond the usual updates? From WordPress advice, general…

What Do You Get?

Priority Support

You know the saying: If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. That’s why we’re here. An active website must grow and change with time, and something is bound to go wrong. We proudly stand behind our work for every customer, but having a maintenance plan helps us mitigate issues before they happen and ensure that we put you at the front of the line if something does go wrong.

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Content Updates

Need your business hours updated, a new team member added, or a sidebar tweaked? We take care of these small tasks for you so you can keep running your business. We define a small task as something that can be done from within your admin console, without custom coding, in under 20 minutes.

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Big Tasks

What if your task isn’t so small? What if you need a completely new feature added to your page? We’ve got a plan for that, too! In addition to monthly maintenance, we offer Pay-as-You-Go development services, or Time Blocks which are dedicated blocks of pre-paid development time at a discounted rate. These allow us to help you on tasks that aren’t so small and quick.

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How it Works

Send your task

Send your task.

After signing up, we invite you to a private task management board, accessible from desktop or mobile app. From here, you can add new tasks, reply to previous word, or ask us questions about your site. It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s easy.

Communicate efficiently

Communicate efficiently.

Post a question, ask for advice, or comment under an ongoing task at any time. We are part of your team and communication is key.

wordpress management services

See it get done.

You will have a quick visual overview of what needs to be done, what we are working on, and what has been completed. Don’t waste time trying to follow up; know right away.

Maintenance Plans


  • or $880/yr


  • or $1,300/yr


  • or $2,200/yr


Enterprise services are custom fit for your specific needs and use case. Contact us for a professional audit of your needs and vulnerabilities to build a plan that fits you perfectly.


If you do not wish to have a maintenance plan, you can pay as you go at $35 per task, $150 per hour, or you can buy Time Blocks starting from $750, which get used as you go.

Time Blocks

In addition to our maintenance plans, we also offer support through Time Blocks. Time Blocks are development hours that can be purchased in bulk for website enhancements, to troubleshoot and resolve issues, or for technical advice by the hour.

5 hrs pricing
10 hrs Pricing

5% savings

10% savings

15 hrs pricing
20hrs pricing

15% savings

15% savings

25 hrs pricing
30hrs pricing

25% savings

It Adds Up

Work Timing

Task Time

If you paid by the task, just one task per day could add up to more than $700 each month. We have seen it happen. By signing up for a monthly plan, you can start from $80 per month, or just $200 per month for an active online store. That’s like handing us a Caramel Frappuccino each morning in exchange for keeping your site safe and secure. Pretty sweet deal.



We take security seriously. Signing up for another monitoring service can run $300 per year, and using iThemes Security Pro can run another $197 per year. Those come out to an additional $41 per month. We bundle it all together for all of our clients and offer you the savings in one nice package, still for the cost of a frappuccino.



We provide access to dozens of premium WordPress plugins that make your life easier. Not including the above security plugins, we offer access to an additional $649 per-year-worth of plugins at no extra cost. That comes to another $54 per month of savings.

Individually, one task a day with the same security and plugin options we provide would total more than $790 per month, or $9,500 per year. That’s more than $25 per day. Or you can sign up for our annual Professional plan and enjoy it all for less than $3.60 per day.

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