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We offer WordPress Services for all of your day to day website needs. Our aim is to help you streamline your business by getting all of the little tweaks, changes, updates, and hiccups taken care of for you so that you can focus on doing what you do best – run your business.

Our WordPress Services

Our WordPress experts are able to help with nearly all WP related tasks. Here are some of the most common requests that we help our clients with.

Advanced Website Services

Services for companies and organizations that want to take their WordPress websites to the next level.

We believe your website should be a powerful piece of your digital marketing strategy, so in addition to our basic WordPress services, we offer several additional web services. For those who want to go to the next level, our development teams, branding managers, and marketing experts are standing by to offer our customers a more custom approach to their website and their digital marketing.

Branding and identity Starting with a conversation about what your organization does and who your customers are, our branding managers take your input and translate that into a brand guide to drive your company’s look and feel. From there, using your logo or one we create for you, our graphic design team carefully crafts any marketing pieces that you need from website mock-ups to letter heads and from mailing pieces to brochures and pamphlets so that your brand is congruent across all of your media.

Custom Websites Our team creates custom WordPress website solutions that fit your business and your marketing strategies both online and offline. We can handle custom themes and plugins or customize the site so that existing plugins fit seamlessly into your site experience.

Digital marketing A website is nothing without traffic. Traffic is nothing if the users do not take the desired actions on your site. Our marketing experts craft digital marketing to fit your business whether that is getting better rankings in Google, more shares across social media, clicks from paid advertising, or some other type of digital marketing. Our aim is to get your business the results you want for your business.

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WordPress Developer

We are a highly experienced team of WordPress developers, coders, designers and experts. On this page, we explain what WordPress is, why it’s awesome, what to look for in a WordPress developer, and why we think you should choose us over any other company out there.

If you already know what you want, please feel contact us right away. We’re looking forward to meeting you! If not, that’s cool too, just read on….

Advanced Website Services

You’ve made a good decision by choosing to use WordPress for your website! WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available today and is used by 28.6% of the entire internet. In fact, over 500 new WordPress sites come online every day!

WordPress is an open source project which essentially means that code that is created for the project is free for anyone to take and to use. WordPress is specifically released under a General Public License (GPL) to foster an ecosystem of code-sharing and code improvements that everyone can participate in.

What We Do

WordPress Tools

Why is WordPress So Popular?

Because WordPress was released under a GPL license, developers, designers, and the like have been constantly working on and improving WordPress for the betterment of the entire WordPress community. Since the WordPress code can be downloaded and used for free, the barrier of entry for using WordPress has been much lower than it has been for other CMS’s.

WordPress is also incredibly easy to use, easy to update, and has a lot of features already built in. There are also over 50,000 plugins for WordPress that allow WordPress Developers and site owners to easily extend the functionality of WordPress. On top of that, there are over 20,000 themes (templates) for WordPress.

In short, this means that WordPress is almost infinitely flexible to be made to look a certain way while having the features and functionalities that you would want in a website. Many websites can be pieced together using already existing themes and plugins which helps to drastically reduce the cost of web development.

What We Do

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress plugins are a way to extend the functionality of WordPress without altering the core files of WordPress.

Plugins can extend the functionality of WordPress drastically allowing you to add everything from social media links and widgets to shopping carts to membership features to fancy sliders or banners to features that make laying out your content easier… and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Most plugins are available for free in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory but there are several sites that offer paid plugins as well.

Even with as many plugins as there are though, it’s quite possible that none of them will quite fit exactly what you’re looking for on your site. This is where we can help with Custom Plugin Development.

What We Do

What is a WordPress Theme?

Generally speaking, a WordPress theme is what defines how your WP site will look. They include code files for displaying the various page types that are built into WordPress by default such as the home page, blog page, archive pages (pages based on categories, tags, etc.), and other pages.

Some themes also extend the types of pages beyond the default set of WP by adding pages such as Portfolio, Team Members, Gallery, etc. Some themes also extend the functionality of WordPress as well (similar to plugins) by adding features such as settings for changing colors, logo, page layouts, etc. Some themes also go above and beyond adding pages and settings to include all the functionality of a “web app” for displaying real estate properties, running an online store, creating a job site, or making a local business directory, just to name a few.

These days, many WordPress themes can be changed using the built-in customizer so long as they are utilizing WordPress’s best practices for development. The customizer allows a user to view the changes to the WordPress site on the front end in real time, so it is quite a handy tool.

What We Do

WordPress Projects We’ve Done

We have an entire team of WordPress experts on our team, and we service a wide array of customers across many industries. Here are a few of our highlights:


Superior Asset Recovery WordPress Website

Tool is $1m+ / year industrial tool distributor who was looking to significantly enhance their web presence as they started to land meetings with bigger and bigger vendors. This website helped give them legitimacy in their very recent meeting with a big auto company.

We were able to build out this brochure-type, landing-page site for them at the last minute for their meeting, and it accomplished exactly what we knew it could.

Their Director of Operations provided feedback saying, “Nice work on our new website. In his meeting with General Motors, our CEO was getting some flak for our web design and lack of social media presence (they were looking at our old site). He directed them to the site that Scepter had been building, and they changed their tune immediately. They actually apologized and said we looked great! Thanks again for making it happen in a pinch.”

Grace Explorations Web Mockup

Kevin DeVries is a world traveler and speaker whose exploits have included leading numerous climbs to the top of Mt. Everest, leading bands of men to on tours of the Holy Land, and an expedition to find the legendary Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat.

He needed a web redesign and brand overhaul to help him better tell his story and to showcase the documentary that was produced about his adventure to find Noah’s Ark.

Kevin writes, “Like their namesake, Scepter Marketing will elevate your company with the online marketing authority and authenticity it needs to thrive in todays marketplace. Matthew Hall and Corban Robbe helped me to find and tell my story so Grace Explorations could become everyones story. They are men of high character and inexhaustible creativity. They are very easy to work with and you always get the feeling like they really care about helping bring your dream to reality. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in a marketing company? If that’s what you’re looking for you’ve found the right company – Scepter Marketing.”

To showcase our WordPress developer talent, we built PressCastle to collect all of the themes around the web into one, simple to search website.

We scraped WordPress theme data from very large theme marketplace websites such as ThemeForest.net, WordPress.org, CreativeMarket.com, and TemplateMonster.com as well as over 300 independent theme companies to try to accumulate all of the themes in existence.

The theme we used was developed from scratch off of a design that our team dreamed up. This was a custom development project through and through. It was quite advanced with the scraping that we had to do. Once we had programmatically gathered the data, we converted it into Woocommerce products for displaying them on our site.

We built in several custom features to help us manage the categories, custom data sets, and users as well. It’s one of the projects we are most proud of.

Our WordPress Developer Services

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

As WordPress developers we can craft WordPress plugins to exactly match the needs of your website. For example, we had a customer that manufactured jewelry who wanted an easy way to push his inventory to several of his customers’ sites. So we created a plugin for him to sync 1000+ products from his WordPress site to theirs.

In this case, there was no other plugin that quite met the needs of our customer, so we developed one from scratch. We would be happy to create a custom plugin for your site or to add customizations to existing plugins such as Woocommerce or WP Job Manager or other large plugins.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

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