Simply put, Internet marketing is like the California gold rush. At least I feel like I’ve struck gold. Years ago I ventured out to learn how to make money on the Internet. And I had no idea what I was doing…

Leading economist Paul Zane Plizer wrote a book called The Next Millionaires.  In this book, he stated that there were four major trends that we were in the middle of right now. They are the Internet, home-based businesses, the wellness industry, and intellectual distribution. Internet marketing encompasses two of these four leading trends – Internet and intellectual distribution.

Intellectual distribution comes from the realization that there are more technologies, products, and services available today then people know about. New innovations are coming about faster than the general public can find out about these things. Intellectual distribution, then, is the method of connecting these new innovations and technologies to the general public – in a word, marketing.

Combining the Internet with intellectual distribution is powerful in that it allows a savvy person to make known the littlest of of innovations to masses of people. I do not think we have yet seen the power of these two ideas coming together – an issue that I hope to rectify soon!

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it is open to nearly everyone in the free world. An ambitious person can do everything online from learning how to read, to going through MIT classes (for free!), to even learning how to use the Internet and how to market online. I dare say that information has never been cheaper or more readily available to the common person.

I firmly believe that almost anyone who has enough persistence can learn and master the principles of Internet marketing to the point where he can sustain himself and his family. Additionally, the money making possibilities online are nearly endless. Online stores, selling information, selling ad space, blogging for money, getting paid as a virtual assistant, and affiliate marketing are all avenues available to the average person. Some of these methods do not even require that a person spend a single penny on any web services outside of the ability to be online.

To be honest, it irks me a bit when I hear people complaining about their job or their bills or what not. We live in a time which quite possibly has THE most opportunity of any other time in history! Hearing people complain about finances in this day and age gives me the picture of a man standing in the middle of an apple orchard complaining about being hungry. Just do the work!

We might not all get rich in three months or even the first year. But if we stay with it (and if the global economy doesn’t collapse) God-willing we can carve out enough cash to take care of our families, give to churches and charities, and maybe even take an extra vacation. Get ‘er done!