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Why Chrome? Chrome extensions are nifty tools that can only be used with the Google Chrome browser. Fortunately, focusing on Chrome makes good economic sense: 49.3% of Internet users access the web with Chrome, making it the most popular browser hands-down.

Why an Extension? An extension integrates with your Chrome browser to enhance your web experience. A custom Chrome extension can be designed to solve virtually any inconvenience or streamline any task. Best of all? You can monetize it by selling it in the Chrome store.

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Our Chrome Extension Development Examples

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The Social Ninja

Social Ninja is a Chrome extension for Facebook that helps marketers quickly connect and interact with leads.

  • Send and cancel friend requests in bulk
  • Message all or new friends in bulk
  • Auto-react to posts in newsfeed
  • Delete inactive friends
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Walmart UPC Finder and Price Without Fees Extension icon 1024x1024

Walmart UPC Extractor and Price Without Fees

The Walmart UPC Extractor and Price Without Fees automatically shows relevant information on product pages to help Walmart.com sellers streamline their process.

  • Shows UPC for all products
  • Displays a product’s take-home price after subtracting Walmart fees to help sellers accurately mark-up their inventory.
  • Works on HomeDepot.com as well
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Developing a Chrome extension is a great way to share your spark of invention with the world.

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