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Reach Further with Google Adwords

Search Engine Marketing – Paid pay-per-click text campaigns are the quickest way to get to the top of Google search ads. Scepter Marketing takes care of the number crunching and research so you can sit back and watch the traffic roll in. From Keyword Grouping Strategies to Ad Copy Tactics, Scepter’s knowledge of SEM has the backing to get you real results.

Re-targeting – We’ve all had those eerie moments when an ad seems to be perfectly targeted based on your recent web browsing. That’s re-targeting in a nutshell, and it is one of the most powerful advertising tools in existence to bring bounced web traffic back to your site, creating real conversions. Scepter Marketing’s cutting-edge re-targeting strategy can turn lost customers into paying ones, effectively boosting your bottom line.

Display Advertising – Finding your target market can be a confusing ordeal to tackle alone. With Scepter, we do the leg work researching what sites can drive traffic to your business. Through leveraging banner ads that our expert designers craft with catchy and memorable content, audiences that didn’t even know they needed your product or services can become loyal customers.

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Target & Convert with Facebook Marketing

New Customer Acquisition – Facebook has become the new recruiting grounds for potential customers. With billions of users, the number of potential new customers waiting to hear about your product or services is jaw-dropping. Scepter’s marketing team carefully researches the best target demographics to create real leads through Facebook, helping you connect with the right market at the right time.

Re-targeting – Extremely cost efficient and effective, Facebook re-targeting focuses on showing your ad to an audience that wants to see it. The polar opposite of cold-calling, re-targeting through Facebook creates advertising waves that are relevant to those who see them. This drastically cuts down on wasted resources and boosts conversion rates. Contact us today to create your custom Facebook re-targeting plan.

Retention – Reaching out to your existing customer base can be as important as finding new ones. Through our retention services, we take your customer list and create tailor-made content based on research and analytical models that are proven to retain and enrich your relationships with the customer-base you’ve worked so hard to create.

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86% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. With Scepter’s Advertising in your marketing playbook, that local business is you. Join hands with the best digital marketing agency in Michigan.

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