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Email Marketing for Repeat Business

By now everyone knows that on average it takes way more money to bring in new customers than to keep your current customers coming back. So the question is, “What are you doing with that tad bit of knowledge?”

Email Marketing is the correct answer! Email is still one of the primary ways of keeping in touch with people and you should be using it to stay in contact with your current customers. With Scepter Marketing, staying in touch with your customers via email is simple and easy. You just tell us what you want to send them – a survey, a coupon, a newsletter – and we’ll design and send a custom email out to them from your company. It’s that easy!

These emails will also be easily sharable on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and more! This allows you the chance of getting increased exposure at the same time you are building a relationship with your current customers!

Add Social Media

But why communicate with your customers only through email? Why not dive into social media and engage them there as well? With Scepter, this process if nearly effortless. We’ll design a professional looking Facebook Fan Page for your business and work with you to send out communications to your customers that are coming to you on Facebook and Twitter. This will get you an established foundation in social media.

Once we’ve got you set up with Email, Facebook, and Twitter, we can watch the magic happen! When customers are able to connect with you through all three of these avenues, you can easily encourage them to contact you for your products and services. This is the ultimate customer retention system! Click here to contact us about helping you keep your hard earned customers. Or, if you want to learn more about what types of features are included in our Email and Social Media services you can explore the links below!