Although other plugins exist, ARMember is clearly the best membership plugin for Premium WordPress. It offers all the features you need for a membership website without having any background in coding or programming. Developers are given access to a complete set of features to make the best membership system for meeting all of the needs of those looking to incorporate memberships into their website.  For a WP membership plugin, you’ll need to look no further than ARMember.  

There are plenty of WordPress membership plugins out there, but most of them do not have all of the components required to truly make an effective membership site. Some of them offer interaction via membership administration, while others are simply useful for offering simple membership features. Some of them offer installment doors, content access control, simple reconciliation, and other powerful components to make an easy-to-manage WordPress membership site.

The ARMember WordPress membership plugin takes your business to the summit of achievement with its capacity to make the entire suite of membership with one system framework.  Before you try out ARMember, we’ll brief you on some of our favorite features of this WordPress plugin. 



Lucrative Features of the ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin

ARMember is known as the one-stop solution for all your WordPress membership site requirements. ARMember is not just a simple WordPress plugin; it is a Swiss army knife of a WordPress membership plugin, as it eliminates each and every problem associated with running a membership site thanks to its extraordinary features and add-ons. So let’s dive into the different add-ons and built-in features that provide abundant reasons to choose ARMember as the best membership plugin for WordPresswordpress membership plugin 1 290x300

  • Simple setup wizard with just a few clicks for installation, activation, and update. ARMember features a unique and simple method for a membership set-up wizard, which creates a single shortcode to make the whole participation process simple and advantageous.
  • Built-in and enticing form builder, such as Sign-up, Login, Forgot & Change password forms, and Custom fields with unlimited style and formatting options and drag & drop supports.
  • Drip/periodic content with three different drip rules, based on day, predefined time, and immediate revelation option respectively. Advanced content restriction and partial content blocking also available.
  • Easy integrations without having a basic programming background.
  • Ultra secure framework with double email verification upon signing-up.
  • Integrations with third-party email marketing tools like Aweber, MailChimp, etc.
  • User-friendly tangible UI and well-designed admin panel with analytical and informative dashboard widgets.
  • Content control loaded with URL blocking based on keywords and content restriction with a single click. Total control of content is the crucial element of any WordPress membership plugin. ARMember allows you to restrict any content in the form of posts, pages, tags, files and categories with just a single click.
  • The best member management system with member profiles, multiple membership plans, member transaction history & much more.
  • Third-party integration, i.e. WooCommerce and BuddyPress supported
  • Ability to upgrade, downgrade, cancel and renew membership plans with a single click.
  • Import/export features with great functionality to migrate users.
  • Multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, 2checkout, Stripe, Bank transfer, and compatible with mobile payments as well.
  • Developer-friendly APIs allow developers to customize and extend the functionality of ARMember as per their requirements.
  • Unlike other membership plugins, ARMember comes with built-in integrations, which other plugins offer as a paid add-ons. Moreover, it is a complete package to create membership system without having even a basic programming background.
  • Unlimited plans with a free trial period, including various coupon codes discounts.
  • Supports multiple languages, custom currency, social login and bank transfers with a dedicated professional support team.
  • Plan-based content protection
  • Custom redirects
  • IP, shortcode, and specific URL-based restrictions

ARMember focuses on creating easy-to-use features with maximum utility. The company came up with these advanced features to ease the strain of building and managing a membership system. The features listed above are not all of the features, and the list continues, but we suggest you explore the best membership plugin for yourself with a free trial period and compare it with other WordPress membership plugins. This hands-on experience will show you why ARMember stands out from the crowd as the first choice of WordPress users.

Experience the Magic of the Best Membership Plugin – Enticing Add-Ons


armember addons 1024x536


Want to extend the features of ARMember? With the ARMember WordPress membership plugin, you will also get all the benefits of the wide range of extensions available as add-ons. These add-ons can equip your website with various features such as drip content, affiliate programs, mobile payments, etc.

Here is a list of some of the extensions:

  1. Affiliate WP integration and Affiliates Pro integrations:  These add-ons will enable the client to get “commission” on sharing a referral of the specific ARMember Plan.
  2. Mobile payment gateways: A popular add-on will give your client the freedom to pay through their mobile device.
  3. PayPal Pro and Pagseguro Payment Gateway: Clients are more comfortable signing up when they are offered convenient and popular payment gateways. This will add a payment option for customers to pay with Credit Cards via PayPal Pay flow and Pagseguro Payment Gateway.
  4. Zapier integration: This add-on will allow you to integrate different triggers with Zapier like user registration, plan renewal and plan change, user management, etc.
  5. Cornerstone integration: Using this add-on, you will be able to add ARMember forms, plan setup, member profile, and short codes using the Cornerstone editor.
  6. Mollie: This add-on will give you the option to pay through the Mollie payment gateway.
  7. Direct login: It allows you to create the periodic sign-in link, so when anyone clicks on the URL, the user will be logged-in without having a user ID and password.

ARMember is getting better all of the time with new add-ons, which will fulfill all your needs to create and maintain an innovative WordPress membership site. Above all, the plugin is easy to install, activate and update with just a few clicks. This simplified process makes getting started with ARMember easy and fast. ARMember also gives you an ability to downgrade the plans and plugin versions whenever you see fit. When comparing the price and features of ARMember to other WPMember plugins, it offers the best value by far. 

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WordPress membership plugin

Final Thoughts:

Leaving most of its competition in the dust, ARMember has proven to be a gamechanging WP membership plugin for any membership website.  We love that it is loaded with unlimited exclusive features and a wide range of add-ons at an affordable price. You can do a lot more with ARMember compared to what we have shown you here, so please take the time to explore the plugin for yourself.

ARMember is great to deal for membership site owners as it is equipped with all the features and functionality needed to improve usability & performance. After showing you all core features and add-ons of ARMember, we know you probably want to see what it can do for your membership-based website.  You can get this awesome WordPress membership plugin for a mere $30, which is quite low compared to other membership plugins at this level. And of course, if you need help installing or using this plugin, please contact us and our expert WordPress developers will help you get everything set up!