The purpose of your website as a jeweler is to entice customer to patronize your product. Without the right type of website, the voice of your business is at risk whether you are based online or in a physical location.  This is because with the aid of this platform you can generate significant revenue as well as a large pool of customers.

If you are not sure of the standard and quality of your website design or you have not consider having a jewelry website design to showcase your products, by browsing through this article, you are guaranteed with learning about the finest practices for jewelry website design.


Why Consider a Jewelry Website Design?

Gone are the days where businesses are only located at physical storefronts, nowadays most consumers do their research about a product of interest and make decision online about getting the product purchased or not. Consumers decide where exactly they want to get the product from and from who the purchase will be done. This is why it is very crucial to consider setting up a jewelry web design which allows you to showcase your products. Having done this, you will have an opportunity to represent your brand online and personalizing all online reviews and messages about your business, brand and products.

Furthermore, setting up a jewelry website can enable you deliver most efficient and, convenient services to your potential customers before visiting you. A single, simple and well designed website can help you provide directions, operating hours, information on your products and so on in order for potential customers to make right decisions.

Why Your Jewelry Website Appearance Matters A lot

Appearance matters a lot in jewelry website design. A well designed and quality jewelry website will give your customer a great impression about your business. It permits you to showcase the height of professionalism your business offers. Which is why a quality and well designed website in terms of appearance is desired for the growth of your business.

Best Guidelines for Jewelry Web Designing

Now that you understand why website design is very much important in jewelry business, here are best guidelines that can put you on course to achieve a good customer/seller association and as result making them to consider you for their next purchase of jewelries.

  1. Clean and Simple Website With Focus on Jewelries

A clean and simple website is very important to obtain more online purchase and attract more potential customers to your store. This is done by use of clean background colors, use of basic fonts to obtain clear text, banner ads, sidebars or links, straight forward navigational option, and moderate pop-ups.

Avoid distractions in order to make proper use of your capital. This might result to having a customer being pulled away and end up not purchasing your products. Instead, substitute the side attraction with quality images of your products. The focus should be on the jewelries, therefore, use large, high resolution and well detailed image of jewelries. Attach with each image, specification and purchasing option.

  1. Inspiring and Motivational Images is required

A call to action image is very essential to initiate purchase. It is not only by using beautiful images of the products, but by making use of images that can motivate and inspire your potential consumers to purchase your jewelries. Therefore, calls to action images are required to transform a browser to a serious buyer. Use Images showing a happy couple with nice looking wedding bands and engagement rings, models displaying a beautiful piece of jewelry and friends receiving gorgeous jewelries as gifts. This type of images will definitely initiate buyers to start shopping.

In addition, catchy and motivational phrases such as “find the perfect ring today” or “contact us to schedule a personalize consultation” should be displayed on your product pages, contact pages, shopping cart pages and other important pages.

  1. Mobile Friendly Website

As technology evolves, mobile device usage becomes more and more popular. Majority surf the internet for information through their mobile devices. More and more buyers use their mobile devices to purchase their desired products online. This out rightly apply to jewelry purchase and as a result of this, it is highly essential to design your website to fit the screens of all sizes and shapes.

Consider responsive design to boost the number of buyers on your jewelry website. Responsive design simply means scaling of the contents of your jewelry website automatically to fit all shapes and sizes of screens. It allows contents of your website to automatically fit the screen by scaling up and down using a single website layout.

Furthermore, you can be advantageous over competitors when you use mobile-friendly website since most search engines like Google label such website in search results. This will help your site to grow and increase your chances of being spotted.

  1. Simple and Well Structured Navigational Option

Your website should have simple and well structured navigation option which will allow buyers to easily navigate from one page to another and from one product to another. Avoid confusing and scattered orientation in jewelry website design as it may drive your potential customers away.

Create landing page for your products and link them with your jewelry web homepage. Incorporate sub-sections for your products such as wedding, birthday, engagement, gemstones, and much more. Then, place links to important information on the sub-sections where necessary to allow your potential buyers dig into the info easily.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO involves optimizing your jewelry website to enable you gain more and more traffic. This is done by effective uptake of on-page and off-page SEO. Both SEO strategies mentioned will enable you to appear at the top of search results on various search engines and in turns leading to an increase in the number of visitors to your jewelry website.


There are several points to consider in jewelry website design. Some of these points are lifesavers while some are some are basically okay and the rest are not worth delving into so as to save oneself the trouble of cost. Effective usage of the above stated guideline can totally help to improve your jewelry business.