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Customers Are Looking For You

Every day millions of customers search for businesses like yours online using Google. Most of them never go past the first page, so that’s where you need to be. We help you get you there.

You’re Leaving Money on the Table

It’s a fact that many customers use Google to find local businesses. If they aren’t finding you, then they are finding your competition which means that you are leaving money on the table.

Let Us Help

We are pros at helping local businesses get ranked in search engines which brings more traffic which brings more leads and sales. Let us help you grow your business with search.

Why is Getting Higher Rankings in Google so Important? Here are just a few reasons:

  • 80+% of Search Engine users use Google over Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines – So Google is where you want to be found.
  • According to a Google, “50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, and 34% who searched on computer/tablet did the same.
  • In the same report, Google says that 18% of local searches results in a sale with 1 day of the search
  • 88% of consumers say they trust reviews they read read online just as much they do a personal recommendation from a friend according to BrightLocal
  • According to HubSpot, 75% of searchers don’t go past the 1st page of Google

So to sum it up, if you want to be found by consumers in Lansing that are very likely to buy from you right now, you need to be listed highly in Google.

Getting listed highly in Google often has the potential to increase your business 2x-10x.

Isn’t it Time Your Competition’s Customers Found You Instead?

Every day, Lansing customers are searching for businesses and services like yours. It’s our mission to put you in front of them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lansing SEO

Local search engine optimization is the process of getting your website to rank as highly as possible on Google for keywords that your potential customers are using to search for your business’s products, services, or information. To do this, we need to prove to Google that your company and its website is a trustworthy and authoritative source of information about the services your company offers.

Generally speaking, the higher you rank in Google for keywords related to your business’s services and products, the more clicks you will get to your site, the more leads you will generate, and the more sales you will make.

Whether on a phone or a desktop, users will see something similar to this image here. There are a maximum of 3 listings for any local keyword search result.

As a Lansing SEO company, we help business like yours get ranked in these positions at the top of Google so that you can share in the business that is generated from these potential customers.

There are numerous factors that go into getting you good rankings. Aside from being ranked in the city that you’re trying to rank in, here are a few highlights of the most important factors:

  1. Claiming and then Optimizing your Google My Business page
  2. Writing proper content on your website that includes the keywords that you want to rank for so that Google knows what your site is about (called On-Page optimization)
  3. Claiming or creating social profiles for your business on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  4. Claiming or creating as many business listings as you can on local listing sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Merchant Circle, Local.com, Manta, etc. (there are literally thousands, but you can start with at least a hundred)
  5. Get links to your site from other authoritative, related sites. If your vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, associations, or friends have websites, get them to link to you.

While each of these 5 things could have a very long, technical article written about it, those are the basics, and they work. Most local SEO service packages should account for all of these factors. As some of the premiere Lansing SEO experts, we make sure that we cover all of these factors and more.

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of scammers and spammers in the search industry offering local SEO services. These crazies are self-appointed “gurus” or “experts” that are using outdated methods that not only will not help your site rank but which could actually end up getting your site blacklisted by Google. Therefore, it is imperative that you do proper research to find a company or consultant that will handle your website with care and actually get you results.

Red Flags to Look Out For

  • Companies that offer “bulk link building” services – These are all over the internet. You can buy 2000 links on Fiverr.com for $5 or $10. DON’T DO THIS for your company website. Doing so will likely not get you any results and may result in your getting worse rankings.
  • Companies that have not done any SEO for their own site – Google the company. Look at the results. The company should be #1 for their company name. If they are not, if they are outranked by Yelp or Facebook for their full business name, then don’t bother with them.
  • If they never mention optimizing the pages of your site OR never mention links to your site – SEO has 2 major parts: what happens on your website and what happens off your website. If a company only talks about one or the other, skip ’em. Any local SEO services package should have both!
  • Telling you there will be NO results for 6-12 months – The truth is that SEO can take several months before you see an ROI. However, it should never be more than 2-3 months without seeing ANY results. Great SEO companies will talk about the reports that you will receive which will show you improvements in rankings even if you’re not #1 in Google yet. Be sure that you ask what you should expect. If the local seo agency or firm you are talking to doesn’t talk about their reporting, or if they are too vague, don’t hire them. They should care enough about your business to make sure that you can track their progress.
  • Trying to get you ranked for keywords that don’t matter – Getting ranked for a term like, “Best House Roofer for Layered Shingles in Residential Areas of Lansing” isn’t going to help you because no one searches for that term. On the other side, getting ranked for “Roofer” is way to competitive and would therefore cost you thousands of dollars, would probably take years, and would likely bring you tons of traffic that wouldn’t buy anything from you because they don’t live in your area. To avoid getting scammed, make sure you get a list of the keywords that the agency wants to target for you along with the search volume (approximate number of searches) for each keyword. Then, use some common sense to make sure that these terms are going to drive traffic to your site that will buy.
  • Talking over your head – SEO can be very technical and very complicated. However, at the end of the day, companies that provide local SEO services like ours need to make sure that we can translate the cost of our services into ROI for our customers. This means that you have to “get it.” Be prepared for some technical mumbo-jumbo, but also make sure that you understand the process, how long it will take, why it will take that long, and how you and your SEO company will track progress.

As a Lansing SEO agency, we are located right here in Michigan, so you can be assured that we’ve got your back. We want each of our customers to feel comfortable working with us, and so we take the time to answer your questions and go through any details that you don’t understand.

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