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Local SEO Services for Small Businesses

Your neighbors know you. Does Google?

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How Do You Get Noticed Online?

Putting up a website without doing local SEO is like building a store without putting a sign out front. Passersby have no idea you exist.

Put yourself on the map (literally!) with affordable SEO services for small businesses.

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Our Small Business SEO Services Include:

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Seo Local Flair

SEO With a Local Flair

Local search engine optimization services help more people come across your site when searching on Google.

But you don’t want just any people viewing your site – you want locals. You want people who will actually hire your services or visit your store.
Just a few strategic changes can result in more site visits, phone calls, and sales. We’ll set you up for success.

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Local Small Business SEO FAQs

Let’s put it this way – you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to your marketing strategy. A multi-faceted approach is best, but we understand that sometimes a small business’s budget means having to focus on one thing at a time.

In that case, we highly encourage you to go ahead and get the ball rolling on your local SEO campaign. SEO means business growth, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Start now!

A social media presence helps to show search engines that your website is legitimate. And when people share your website URLs on social media, your ranking can improve. In terms of what we offer in our local SEO services, however, social media marketing and management is a separate service.

Of course! There are plenty of resources online that will teach you how to do it. But do you honestly have time to do it yourself?

As a small business owner, you’ve probably already come to understand the importance of delegating tasks to other people. When you hire us for affordable SEO services for small business, you can rest assured that it will get done efficiently, competently and thoroughly. Some things are just worth paying for!

There’s some overlap in local and general SEO. Whether you need to focus on non-local SEO depends a lot on your business. For example, if you sell products and can ship them around the country or even around the world, then you want to attract people regardless of their location.

What’s the difference, anyway? With non-local SEO, it can be harder to rank for keywords because you have national competition. Local keywords can be easier to rank for.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees here. Again, a lot depends on your business. Do you have a popular service or product, or are you highly niche? How many competitors do you have, and how well do they market themselves? The more people searching for what you offer and the fewer competitors, the faster you’ll see results from affordable local SEO services, both online and in your wallet. In general, you should see improvements in 6 to 12 months.

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SEO results don’t happen instantly. Instead, they build over time,
so it’s crucial that you start a campaign 6 to 12 months before you really want results.

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