Bulk editing attributes or other data to WooCommerce is a feature that has been lacking since the beginning. While it has been suggested as an idea for future releases, is hasn’t come to pass yet. Woocommerce allows bulk editing of many things such as price, size, weight, stock quantities, whether product is “featured” or not, and visibility (a life saver for me the other day!), but it doesn’t allow bulk editing of custom attributes.

After realizing that it would take me HOURS to go through and manually edit every single product’s attributes, I went on a Google rampage and finally found a solution to how to bulk edit custom attributes. In fact you can “bulk” do just about anything that you want with this plugin. It’s called Smart Managerstore apps logo by Store Apps.

In short, this plugin is everything you’ve ever dreamed of for editing WooCommerce products. It offers a spreadsheet-like interface where you simply just click a field and edit it. No load times. Again, NO LOAD TIMES until you save all of your changes.

Here are just some of the things that this plugin lets you do:

  • Very quickly find the product(s) you want to edit – works faster than WP’s internal search
  • Spreadsheet-like editing that let’s you simply click a cell and update it without having to load the page everytime
  • Bulk edit or add EVERYTHING including: Image, Name, Price, Sale Price, Inventory, SKU, Weight, Status, Description, Additional Description, Height, Width, Length, Tax Status, Visibility, and categories
  • Bulk  add, remove, or change attributes
  • Bulk edit customers and orders as well

Here’s a screenshot of what the editing page looks like:

smart manager screenshot

I can’t express how excited I have been to use this tool the last few days. It was MORE than worth the $97 that it costs. If you have a store that has dozens, hundreds, or thousands of products, this theme is a lifesaver. So check it out for yourself below:

Smart Manager

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!