It’s not easy setting up backlinks. A great deal of this work is of course based on skill. However, a sizable chunk revolves around a bit of luck as well. Your success hinges on the state of the industry, and just how willing webmasters, in your field of expertise, are to provide backlinks.

With all this being said, there are some things you can control, and some things you can’t. That is actually what makes somebody good at this kind of work – figuring out how to attract backlinks without stressing yourself out. Today, we will be focusing on how to get as many quality backlinks as possible through the content you use.

Namely, too many people obsess over SEO minutia, without actually thinking about the content they have at their disposal. This then just leaves them with perfect optimization, and content nobody wants to access and read.

Hard evidence and statistics

You want to back up your content with consistent, clear data. Now of course, when you’re writing, you want to back up everything you say with the cold, hard truth. At least, that’s something you should aim for. This makes your work more credible and much more honest. However, it isn’t enough to just use this kind of information to back up your research. You need to actually present it in your writing and show what the data is. This can be done by either citing and linking to this information, or mentioning it in the content. After all, you want to be as persuasive as possible, don’t you?

For example, don’t just write “it has been found …” but rather, “scientists at the University of X have, through a study with 32 participants, found ….” Of course, have this backed up by actual research, and keep it relevant to your content. You will seem much more trustworthy and your arguments will seem much more plausible with that kind of backup.

Visual presentation

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Don’t just limit your content to writing. Spice things up a little. In order to get backlinks, you need to have attractive content. People will then hit you up and link back to your article because they genuinely enjoy the content and the work you have. So, a good way to improve it is to present the information you have on offer visually.

Here’s the thing – people are visual creatures. We acquire most of our information through visual means, through images, pictures, etc. For this reason, you should try to present short summaries of your work through infographics and videos. Put images into your content, and present the hard facts and statistics you used through graphs. By having a couple of these eye-grabbing summaries throughout your content, you will attract readers en masse.

Have your website look nice as well. Either hire a professional company, for example, to set it up for you, or work hard to keep it looking nice. Nobody wants to hire a company whose website looks like it’s at least a decade old.

Tutorials and guides

Think about the actual focus on your content – what do you want to achieve, and how can this attract backlinks and users? Well, one of the things you can do is set up both questions and answers within your work. And an answer should be a tutorial or guide you can set up. No matter what line of work you’re in, you can get a proper guide or tutorial set up, and try, through it, to answer as many questions as possible.

For example, people may ask – how to safely fix your boiler; how to fix your boiler; how to clean your boiler; what tools do you need to fix a boiler … All these individual questions can be answered through the various steps you lay out in your article. Another option is creating an in-depth guide on a certain subject. People backlink to longer articles and content than they do for shorter stuff.

Writing quality

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Now, we mentioned the structure of your content, and how you should present it, but we haven’t really gotten into your actual writing. Namely, you should write high-quality content, presented in an attractive manner, backed up by research, with a perfect landing page, in a way that doesn’t make people bang their heads on a wall. You, or your content writer, need to actually know how to keep people’s attention. Finish a course or two on writing, or read a book on the subject. These all help with making it more attractive and fun.

Problems and solutions

You have your own industry, your own area of expertise. This means you should probably have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t work in this field. So, try to one-up the competition, and figure these things out. You can find niche issues in your niche industry, write about them in your content, and then find a solution. People are more likely to backlink to things that are specific, unique issues that are hard to find anywhere else. Think of it as simply not having that much competition, but having a well-balanced demand.


If you want to create attractive backlinks in 2019, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Namely, present your content in an interesting, visually pleasing way. Get some infographics, have a nice looking website and be as precise as possible. Present your information alongside facts that support it, and try to solve problems that are specific to your area of expertise.