3 Projects You Should Have White Labeled in 2016

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2016 started strong for you, and your projects are going smoothly. Like anything, it’s got its ups and downs; some days run well, but other days run at a snail’s pace. Too many things are racing through your mind. You’re bringing in clients, but struggling to stay organized.

Wouldn’t you like there to be more up days?

Maybe there’s something that just isn’t necessary. Perhaps you’re trying to manage something that simply takes up too much time. It’s that 80% of work that really only results in 20% of your profits. That’s no good, right? Here’s are some projects you can get taken off your shoulders, and completed by a white label agency.

Conversion Rate Optimization

 Getting this done by someone else takes a menial task away from your workflow. A white label can handle everything for you including:

  • Developing systems that convert your existing visitors in to clients
  • Developing calls to action that allow potential clients to:
    • Subscribe to your news feed
    • Sign up to a newsletter
    • Comment on a blog post
    • Buy your product

Ultimately, you want that last one! Money doesn’t sleep, but you can if you partner with a white label agency to let the conversions take care of themselves.

Blogs and Social Media

White label agencies out there exist that can help you with your marketing endeavors. Many can do extensive tasks such as managing your entire circle of social media accounts to help build your following and promote your business. Alternatively, some services offer blog management so you don’t have to ever touch it! They can handle everything from outsourcing the writing to managing your posting schedule.

From developing blog and social media outlines to the final written article or tweet, white label agencies can get that blog work done for you. Now you can focus on networking instead of the content.

Web Design

 Web designers exist all over the internet. Freelancers, design firms, even that random lumberjack looking guy at the coffee shop down the street can do it for you. Their products may be inspired and original, but there’s usually a catch.

Most can produce good sites, but what they often can’t do is hand it all over to you with your name on it. A white label web design company such as Scepter Marketing can get you the dream websites you want for your clients, and put your brand smack dab in the middle of it. Additionally, they have the skills and teams to optimize existing websites, and test everything before they send it out to you. You get a fully functioning site to give to your client.

Take the hassle of programming and coding off your hands, and hand it over to someone who knows what their doing. Get some of your projects outsourced to a white label this year, and make 2016 a stress-free year.

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