Update March 2019: We’ve added a list of alternative plugins for building an auction site on WordPress in case WP Auction Software just isn’t a great match for you. Stay tuned, as we plan to provide a list of auction WP themes as well!

Building an auction website can be an extremely complicated process involving complex coding with various items to sell, inviting bids, and online payments. If you wish to skip coding and other technical aspects of building an auction website, having a WordPress auction website is the way to go.

You can simply add auction functionality to your WordPress website with the WP Auction Software plugin. It will take care of the technicalities and save you precious resources. The WP Auction Software is a premium auction plugin that will create a fully responsive and customizable auction website for you. It makes all auction-related online processes much easier to manage.

Let’s take a look at this plugin to find out whether it is a correct choice for you. Understanding its features and functionalities can help you make a judgement of whether purchasing WP Auction Software is a good investment.

WP Auction Software Features

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Using WP Auction Software will help turn your WordPress-powered website into a standard auction website with multiple functions. The auction plugin lets you, as well as your visitors, include items for sale in a list. It manages all the processes for penny auctions as well as fixed auctions and collects the payment in a completely secure way. With the versatile features of WP Auction Software, you will be able to create an eBay-style auction website on WordPress within a surprisingly small amount of time.

Complete Account Management

WP auction software account management

From registration and creating accounts for visitors to allowing them to make a list of items for sale and start bidding, WP Auction Software takes care of the complete management of visitors’ accounts. Without having to get help from third-party service providers, you can rely entirely on the plugin. It performs well for member account-related functions such as sign-ups, logins, and storing the account data in WordPress.

Multiple Types of Auctions

Multiple auction types

The WP Auction Software plugin gives you three options for setting up an auction on your WordPress website. They are Standard auctions, Penny auctions, and Fixed auctions. By offering visitors such versatile types of auctions, the auction plugin lets them select an option at their convenience. Doing so quickly improves the user engagement on your WordPress auction website.

Customizable Lists of Items

According to the type of auction selected by visitors, they can make a list of the items they want bids on. The auction plugin provides users with an option to make their auctions ‘featured auctions’ that appear on the homepage and attract users right away.

Visitors can also feature their listings on the sidebar by paying additional fees. You can provide various choices for visitors to customize their listings and feature them on the homepage or sidebar. This helps your users attract more customers to their auction.

Easy and Secure Payments

PayPal and Authorize.net are among the most popular payment gateways that the WP Auction Software supports. Sellers are asked to enter their respective account details to ease the payment process before the bidding starts. Users can secure the goods after successful bidding and payment can be transferred to the respective accounts easily.

Apart from such important features of WP Auction Software plugin, even more advanced and helpful options are available with the plugin to automate different functions of an auction website.

  • Automatic internal invoicing
  • Advanced search for categories and tags
  • Internal mailing system
  • Compatible with WordPress’ multisite setups
  • Enables selling digital items
  • Scheduling auctions
  • Bid watch feature

How to Use WP Auction Software

Now, let me introduce you to the usability of this plugin with processes to set up, configure, and use its different functions.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin

After purchasing the plugin, you’ll have to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website. Doing so will add a new menu on your dashboard, which will help you set up your WordPress auction website.

Step 2: Configure admin settings

The new menu will help you configure all the settings for the auction plugin. It includes settings for themes, the currency of auctions, language, the default size of file uploads, gallery settings, and fraud reports, among others. Apart from general settings, you can also set the type of auctions, bid increments, relisting options, payment gateways, shipping, and auction lengths.

Step 3: Admin dashboard settings

The plugin lets you manage new listings, their categories, or exporting them as a Microsoft Excel file. It also enables you to manage invoices and customize email templates. You can also customize the structure of pricing and individual fees on your WordPress auction website. WP Auction Software also enables you to view the statistics on your auction website so that you can plan your business strategies accordingly.

Step 4: Creating an auction page

The next step in the process is to create a WordPress auction website. All you have to do is create a new page where you can integrate all the auction settings you have configured in the previous steps. You can also make the auction page the homepage of your WordPress auction website, or add the listings to a sidebar or to other widgetized areas of your website.

Step 5: Creating a cron job

The WP Auction Software plugin uses a cron job to run a check on the appropriate functioning of the auctions listed on your WordPress website. After configuring all the settings and creating auction pages, you can create a cron job that runs every 15 minutes. This checks whether auctions on your website start and end properly.

Is the WP Auction Software the Right Auction Plugin for You?

WP Auction Software provides you with a complete set of online documentation and training videos. These will help you set up your WordPress auction website hassle-free.

The advanced features of WP Auction Software will help you create a WordPress auction website within a few hours.

So, whether you want to set up online auctions such as a car, art, or a property auction, WP Auction Software will be the most straightforward and most versatile option for you!

Alternative Auction Plugins for WordPress

  1. The Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin
  2. WooCommerce Simple Auctions
  3. WordPress Automatic Plugin – useful for displaying existing eBay auctions on your site
  4. WooCommerce Marketplace Auction
  5. Woo Auction
  6. YITH Auctions for WooCommerce
  7. WP Auctions 
  8. Auction Nudge

And of course, if you want us to help you with your WP Auction Website, our WordPress Designers can help you out!