There are several amazing things brewing here at Scepter and we wanted to let you in on one of our latest projects. As is the case with most of our projects, we are extremely excited to be announcing this new project which, God willing, is one of many to come! So with that… Meet the Lansing Network

Being that Scepter Marketing is based in Lansing, MI, we want to do all we can to ensure that our city grows and prospers. Those who don’t live in the Capitol City, may not know that we’ve have had some relatively tough times over the last few years. Like much of Michigan, our economy has been greatly influenced by the car industry and has not fully recovered.

However, despite all of the hard times, it is our firm belief that Lansing can and will not only survive these turbulent times, but that we can come out of them prospering. This concept has come out of our belief and is the beginning of our attempts to see it come to fruition.

The Lansing Network is a network of Lansing-based websites that will provide a great deal of value to the Greater Lansing Area. From small businesses owners, to writers, to investors, to church goers, to everyone else – our network of websites will provide places for people to connect in new ways with people and organizations in this community.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing several websites in addition to those we are currently beta testing. The network will consist of a combination of several different types of websites. At the forefront will be a small business directory to help people in the city find the service providers that they need. From restaurants to contractors to doctors and more, consumers will finally have a good way to find and connect with local businesses. This site is tentatively set to launch in mid November.

Other sites in the network will include things such as classified ads, a blog/news site for Lansing writers, billboard-type sites for small businesses to advertise on and through, a site that works to organize churches and other organizations together to take care of the community, a site that makes it easy to find a job here, and more. We have already launched three sites which we are beta testing as a start to this Lansing Network:,, and – all of which are geared towards helping small businesses advertise by providing a means of getting them in front of consumers who are already looking for them.

The overall goal of this network is to help foster a sense of community here in Lansing while also working to connect people with other people and with organizations that will help improve their lives. With the help of God, we believe the 517 can be a great city and we are committed to help making it happen.