Search Engine Optimization is a continually evolving force in the online marketing stratosphere. The days are long gone where you could overhaul your digital strategies to rank a website in just a couple of weeks using different keywords, stuffing the blog post and embedding backlinks.

Google has consistently altered its algorithm to become much smarter. This automatically translated into a significant change in how people search for information, products, and services on the search engine giant.

Why Is SEO Consistently Evolving?

To answer this correctly is to think with Google’s perspective. The search engine giant has competitors too, after all, and Google is also a business. Like any other business, it has to stay ahead of its rivals at every step of the way. Some of Google’s popular rivals include DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo. Did you know that 95% of all mobile searches happen on Google in the US market?

There is a reason why Google is more successful than any other search engine. That is because of its relentless investments in innovative techniques and strategies when it comes to providing optimal search engine results for any category of the keyword.

To sustain this massive share of the mobile search market, there is no doubt Google needs to continually offer accurate search results for positive search queries. If it fails to do so, users will not hesitate in moving to other search engines.

We’re almost toward the last quarter of 2019, and with 2020 on the horizon, it is vital to understand the relevance of SEO and how Google is going to integrate different factors into its algorithms. In light of this, a digital marketing agency will focus on these significant SEO trends:

Searching Via Voice

As people are becoming increasingly more inclined to searching Google using mobile devices, coupled with the popularity of smart home technologies, voice search has become a solid new trend. Users are switching to voice because it is far quicker than typing, especially when you’re engaged in doing other tasks.

According to Google, more than 20% of all online searches that occurred on its Android app came through voice. You have to understand that typed searches are vastly different from voice searches in nature, which is why Google’s optimization methodologies will also differ, and so should your online marketing campaign.

The UX – User Experience

Google’s algorithm increasingly has become more complex to provide streamlined search queries and results – driving relevant results. Moreover, its algorithm also hones in on poorly generated content, eliminating it from the queries. It has zero tolerance for discredited techniques and strategies.

Google now focuses more on user experience and the efficacy of their engagement on the search engine. You can say it is one of its more vital metrics for website rankings and overall SEO.  This is also a truism because UX is a genuine indicator of how relevant, high quality, and unique a website is – or how exclusive the content is.

So, if your website has a high bounce rate (which means users exit the site quickly because they are not able to efficiently find what they are looking for), it translates into Google’s ineffectiveness in providing what users are looking for. If this continues to happen, it will keep on pushing your website into the deepest pits of the search queries.

When it comes to a digital marketing agency, it is important to understand that Google is massive on providing quality, accurate, and above all, relevant search results to people all over the world. That is essentially why UX and user engagement are such vital elements in today’s SEO practices.

Unique and Top Quality Content

The phrase “content is king” is popularly used – and is still increasingly relevant today. With the importance of the user experience discussed earlier, it is simply unwise to publish content that is not optimized and relevant. Your content marketing must always align with your website’s user metrics. In simpler words, quality content will always help your website rank optimally on Google.

The best way to ensure your content does not lose relevance is by answering these questions:

  • Will my content be useful to my users?
  • Does the content add any value?
  • How new or up-to-date is the content?
  • Is it possible that this blog or article will cause a high bounce rate with any specific keyword?
  • How do I link my existing content with similar topics on my website to enhance my page views?
  • How do I increase my user engagement through content?

Having exclusive and optimized content means your users will easily find what they are looking for. With that being said, Google also wins because it has done what it has promised, and that is to provide accurate search results. And you know what that means: Google will keep diverting more organic growth to your website, automatically increasing your rankings.

Your Page Speed and Mobile-First Indexing

There is absolutely no doubt that the usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed over the past decade. Today, half of all searches come from mobile devices around the world. That is exactly why Google introduced its mobile-first indexing software. Moreover, the search engine giant also announced that this software is going to be the default for new websites. In simpler words, what Google is trying to tell you is that mobile searches matter!

Without a responsive website design, you will be risking poor user experience and engagement. And we know how important these two elements are. One of the most important factors in mobile optimization is the load speed of the website on smartphones and tablets. Other things include the ease of navigation and fluidity of usage.

The mobile-first optimization web tool that Google has launched will quickly evaluate your website and determine whether or not it is easily accessible on mobile devices. If it sees that your website is lacking something in this department, it will offer vital tips and suggestions on how you can improve your shortfalls.

Final Words

Overall, you have to absorb the fact that SEO is going to evolve in the coming years consistently. To always stay ahead and to reign over search queries, it is vital to invest in methodologies that quickly yet effectively drive traffic to your website, keeping the trends mentioned above in mind.