The power of email marketing is undeniable. It has existed for years and is still one of the most effective marketing strategies in the virtual world. As promoting via email works for both small and large scale ventures, this rewarding marketing technique has evolved to match the ever-changing digital environment.

Your email signature is the latest email marketing tool that can help you revamp your business by boosting overall customer engagement and conversation, as well as helping to generate new leads.

Despite its potential paybacks, email signature marketing is a new term, especially to emerging entrepreneurs. As a result, it is sometimes difficult for business people to understand the essence of an email signature as a marketing tool and to successfully integrate this invaluable asset.

If you want to take your email marketing strategy to a whole new level and enjoy limitless business opportunities, capitalizing on your email signature may be the secret. If you are reading this blog, consider yourself lucky as it will provide you with insightful information on how to use email signature as a subtle marketing tool.

However, before that, let’s get the basics

What Is an Email Signature?

Essentially, an email signature is the section that appears after the closing line of your message. Generally, it includes “Sincerely,” and outlines key details of your brand and contact info, as well as your name, of course.

Below is a perfect example of an email signature and how it should appear:

email signature example

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Providing a brief summary of your brand, an email signature is an instrumental marketing tool that leaves a lasting impression to your customers. Your brand looks professional when your email signature looks professional. You can also show off your creativity and strategic planning. Your email signature also acts as the final call of action, providing a client with your contact details and helping to improve sales.

How An Email Signature Enhances Marketing

Here are several ways you can use your email signature as a subtle marketing tool to display pertinent information to your contacts. We’ll go into detail on some techniques below.

  • Provide insightful details that enable potential customers to better understand you as a person, as well as your business
  • Inform contacts about your products and current deals
  • Generate traffic by directing buyers to your website
  • Compel shoppers to connect with you on social media
  • Nurture trust among your contacts with a professional appearance
  • Enhance lead generation with all of the above

The Best Techniques for Using Your Email Signature as a Subtle Marketing Tool

An email signature is a powerful marketing strategy that can boost your product promotion activities in various ways. But since it is important to uphold the relevance of the message, your email signature should be employed in an indirect and subtle approach. Some of the best techniques for using an email signature as a subtle marketing tool are:

1. Adding social media links to your email signature

Trending social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook are some of the best avenues to build an online presence. Offering global marketing opportunities, it is obvious that you would want to link your business (or personal, where appropriate) social media accounts to your email signature in order to attract more followers. Followers not only help send social signals to search engines to improve SERP rankings, but also act as unofficial brand ambassadors when they share your content. They also have the potential to turn into customers, if they aren’t already.

email signature example 2

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A signature directs and provides potential customers with an exquisite avenue to learn about your brand. With that, you will be able to build brand awareness and boost credibility.

2. Adding a link to your website

An educational, comprehensive and authentic site is an essential aspect of digital marketing. However, while it is imperative to constantly update your content to keep your website viral, most blogs lose relevance in a matter of days.

If you want to maintain your site in the limelight and get discovered by as many people as possible, each fresh content update should be linked to in your email signature. Eye-catching titles will help more people click on each link, and you can use your preferred analytics program to track the effectiveness of this approach.

3. Highlighting special offers

Offering special deals is one of the commonly used techniques to generate business leads. However, sometimes even this seemingly ingenious camping strategy refuses to bear fruits, especially when traffic is low. Luckily there is a trick around this!

email signature example 3 1024x309

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By designing and sending an email signature that highlights a specific offer, you will be able to expose it to more traffic and ultimately generate more leads, thus boosting overall sales. You can use images or banners to help draw attention to the offer.

Other Things to Link to in Your Email Signature

  • Customer reviews
  • Advertisement banners
  • Website landing page

Tips for Developing An Excellent Email Signature

Essentially, an email signature can be a great tool for indirect marketing. However not any email signature will do. Some of the do’s and don’ts of achieving an exceptional email signature include the following.


  1. Include a video. An insightful email signature should not only offer a description of your brand, but also visually capture the attention of your audience. Include a relevant, quality clip. A perfect promotion video ideal for attaching in your email signature should focus on aspects like:
    • Highlighting your organization’s culture
    • Describing your brand and explaining why someone should choose your products over others
  1. Add a section that spreads good news. While visuals are important, when designing an email signature, words are equally vital. To cultivate credibility and trust, your email signature should feature all your organization’s achievements. This should cut across major accomplishments like awards and nominations.
  1. Add a call to action. Lastly, a good email signature should compel potential customers to place an order by making a strong call to action.


  1. Avoid including your email address on your email signature. People who can see your email signature already have your email address.
  2. Avoid a lengthy email signature. At most, it should feature 4 concise sentences. Anything longer can backfire by turning people off.


In summation, an email signature is a powerful marketing tool that can be indirectly used in various techniques to promote brands. Essentially it provides an exquisite avenue where business owners can put insightful outlines of their companies’ culture with the hope of an unlimited audience.