Getting attention is difficult for a startup, especially in the healthcare sector. Constant competition, coupled with stricter HIPAA and other regulations, means that startups struggle to survive and grow in this space. With limited budgets and resources, healthcare startups find it challenging to promote their brand, engage with the customer and bring their products and services into the limelight.

Email marketing is the best and most cost-effective tool for healthcare startups in such scenarios. No matter whether your business is at the early stage or the growth stage, email can prove beneficial in accomplishing our business goals. If you are a healthcare startup owner and is looking for the right guidance and marketing strategy to get started, email is your answer.

According to Medicoreach, quickbytes by the end of 2020, the number of email users will reach more than 3.0 billion. This proves that how email marketing gets more demand in near future.

Here is the step-by-step breakdown of the many benefits of email marketing that you can optimize for your healthcare startup:

  • Emails Help Build Relationships and Win Loyalty
  • Email Spreads Brand Awareness
  • Email Marketing Is Easy to Begin
  • Email Saves Time and Resource with Targeted Campaigns
  • Emails Fetch Instant Results
  • Email Drives More Conversion and Website Traffic
  • Provides Global Outreach
  • Emails Are Cost-effective
  • Emails Are Measurable

Emails Help Build Relationships and Win Loyalty

For any startup business, building relationships right from the start is crucial. All the marketing efforts should be targeted toward winning customer trust and loyalty. Considering the impact and reach of emails, one can completely trust in email marketing to establish strong customer relationships. The future of your healthcare business rests on these early efforts.

You can send monthly or weekly email newsletters, surveys, and campaigns to engage customers with your brand. Delivering them quality information and addressing their concerns via your email messages can help win loyalty and commitment from customers.

Email Spreads Brand Awareness

Whenever an email from your brand hits the customer inbox, it alerts the customer of your latest brand message. Once they open it, they come to know about your brand and what products and services you are offering. Hence, it is essential to craft an engaging email with the proper mentioning of your brand and logo to stay in their mind. Doing this will help in keeping your brand fresh in their memory. So, when they see your brand logo next time, they will recognize your brand easily, and you need not lose any potential customers.

Therefore, creating awareness about your brand is an essential task, especially if you own a startup. Initially, people have limited or no knowledge about your healthcare business. Hence, the first objective of your email marketing should be to spread brand awareness.

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Email Marketing Is Easy to Begin

To run an email campaign, you don’t need to have an exceptional set of knowledge and skills. Anyone who has experience of the Internet can draft an email. Making the job easier are readily available email templates that make designing email campaigns efficient and seamless even for a startup business.

Initially, there is no need to invest in hiring professionals to create and manage email campaigns for your healthcare startup. You can start with it, and for that, you need an email list with accurate data, engaging content, and attractive design. Also, you have to make sure about the day and time of sending emails as per your industry and audience type. Sending emails at the right time helps generate much-needed responses.

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Email Saves Time With Targeted Campaign

Unlike top leading companies, startups may not have a massive investment at the start. Also, there are many challenges to boost the company to the next level. However, email marketing strategy helps marketers to connect only with the interested customers.

Emails Fetch Instant Results

When email reaches the targeted inbox, we can get new customers more effectively than any other marketing strategy. From increasing lead counts to boosting conversion rates, email marketing campaigns show instant results. It takes only a fraction of minutes to get updated in any marketing dashboard.

We took the below stats 1 hour after email campaign was delivered. You can see the clear picture of delivered emails, open rates, CTRs, bounce rates, etc.


Email Drives More Conversion and Website Traffic

One of the many benefits of email marketing for businesses of any size is that it enables a higher conversion rate. Compared to other marketing channels, emails drive more engagement, conversions and website traffic. It is through well-planned healthcare email marketing campaigns that even a startup can increase visitors to their website. A unique, targeted, and personalized email with clear CTA encourages readers to move closer to conversion.

Provides Global Outreach

Emails give us complete control to connect with the audience globally, which creates more business opportunities for your brand. You can also target the niche audience by demographics like geography, industry type, etc.

Emails Are Cost-Effective

In comparison to any other marketing methods such as direct mail or print media, email marketing is cost-effective. All you need is a targeted list of email addresses, email marketing software, and a SMTP server.  This is the reason even startups and small businesses can explore emails to build a quality customer base and to promote their products and services.

For any healthcare startup company, making huge capital investments during the early days is not possible. So, marketers look for marketing channels that are not out of the budget.  With emails, a startup business like yours can easily flourish without requiring huge capital. However, nowadays email marketers do use automation tools to send, track and evaluate email performance. The specialist software they use are quite affordable.

 Emails Are Measurable

Any startup needs to measure the performance of the campaign from the beginning. It helps to understand whether they are following bad or good practices.  If you see at the below images, you can see the stats of an email marketing campaign. These stats give the opportunity to understand and analyze how many targeted audiences we reached, you can measure open, read, and click through rates of email campaigns.

Delivered open rate

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