The greatest challenge often faced by webmasters is selling their websites quickly and in the most profitable manner. One of the best ways to do this is to first optimize your website to attract a higher number of quality visitors and increase their conversion rates. According to Neil Patel, even the slightest change made to site’s messages can boost conversion rates by 27.3%.

The key is to increase the value of your website before selling it to your customers so that they can have access to a ready-to-move-in site with solid content and a sound, established customer base. Here, we have included some great ideas that can enhance your website and boost its sales value:

How to Increase the Value of Your Website and Sell it Quickly

Most online users tend to skim through the content of a website and leave it within a few seconds if they don’t find anything interesting. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your website by improving its features and providing the right quality of content which will resonate with the needs of your target audience.

Let’s look at different ways to build user engagement for your website to increase its sales potential:

1. Choose a premium domain

A premium domain name can provide a significant competitive advantage to your website and add greater value to your brand, as compared to generic domain names which may not be able to garner much attention from prospective buyers.

Premium domain names are short, easy to recall, and have “.com” extensions; their qualities are likely to drive more traffic to your website and generate higher rankings on the SERP. So, it may be worth spending your time and effort to obtain a premium domain for your website if you want to build a successful business.

2. Provide high value and unique content

You need to share informative and interesting content to direct quality visitors to your website. If you do not have a blog or forum on your website, consider creating one. Statistics from State of Inbound indicate that companies and brands with blogs are likely to have 97% more links to their website.

Reviews and recommendations from customers can be a great way to entice more visitors looking for quality information on your website. For example: if you have a travel website, you may consider providing additional content by adding different sections pertaining to hotels, car rentals, accommodation options, places to visit, and even restaurant reviews.

It doesn’t matter what type of web business you own; the key is to provide relevant content that will be useful to your visitors and thus generate greater traffic for your website.

3. Create highly responsive sites

A criterion that must be fulfilled is to ensure that your website does not lack responsiveness. Research findings by Statistica suggest that mobile accounts comprise 52.2% of global website traffic, which indicates that an ever increasing number of Internet users are switching over to mobile devices.

The key is to optimize your website for mobile devices by focusing on providing a more responsive design. That is, you must make sure to create user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate, as this can improve user engagement and traffic on your website.

You can also enhance your website with a minimalistic and consistent design and style, which leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. Identify areas that require improvement and make all necessary changes to enhance the value of your website.

4. Engage in link building activities

A great way to improve your site’s reputation is to obtain backlinks from websites with authority and a good reputation. This will provide your site with more referral traffic and also boost domain authority for your own website in the process. It is better to adopt the best practices for link building, such as guest blogging, commenting on blogs, and defective link replacement.

By providing high quality content and linking your website to reputable sites, you can increase the chances of boosting your website rankings on search engines such as Google. Additionally, it helps to build relationships and networks with other, high-ranking websites that offer similar products and services. This way, you gain an opportunity to gain access to more customers and improve the sales prospects for your website.

5. Monetize your website

If you are selling or intend to sell your website, it must first be profitable to fetch a good price in return. Another way of generating more revenue for your website is to market affiliate products to your website visitors by adding affiliate links for related products. For example: Amazon offers one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs that is commission-based, starting from 4% of the sales made on products.

You could even consider setting up a review website and earn commission on the sale of reviewed and linked products. Selling through direct advertising may be one the best options for optimizing profits for your site, but it also requires more effort than setting up a Google Adsense account.

Finally, use split testing to assess your website performance and find out the best options for generating more revenue. Check your essential parameters, such as headlines, call to action, ad placement, social shares, lead capture, and affiliate marketing, as these hold more potential to make your website more profitable.

In a nutshell

If you want your website sales to be successful, your primary focus must be to optimize your websites with user-friendly design, evergreen content, and powerful calls to action targeted toward the buyers. You can also generate more trust with your buyers by providing them with all the necessary documentation, such as reports of revenue earned through advertising or affiliate networks. Make sure you share the real facts and figures of your website traffic, including monthly page views and the number of unique website visitors to enhance the brand value of your website and to build trust among your buyers.