Guest blogging is a great way to create visibility, build online relationships and drive traffic to a website. Many people have used guest blogging to market their sites. Whether you are looking to have your posts published on other sites or are looking for posts from other writers, this article will help you get the best out of guest blogging.

First, Have A Goal.

For every task you undertake, you need to have a clear heading. Knowing what the goal of your blogging is will determine what kind of blogs to write or accept. Many people who get into guest blogging typically have any of these three prime objectives:

  • Creating brand awareness that positions you as a renowned authority in your industry
  • Driving web traffic to their sites
  • Building relationships and backlinks to their websites

Blogs with the proper content will help you achieve all three objectives. The right content should engage the audience and be appropriately sized. It is also advisable to incorporate a strong root domain authority in your blog articles.

How Does Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

When you first get into guest blogging, you need to find the best places to post your articles. The best sites are those that are related to your niche. Therefore, try to

  • Go for content that revolves around your niche
  • Find an audience that’s interested in your industry
  • A blog with excellent social media engagement, e., its articles are shared and commented upon on social media

A cosmetic supplier can thus look for fashion blogs with an engaged audience that’s interested in beauty products.

  1. Use google search– this should be your first stop. Simply type in a keyword to find blogs that will accept your blogs.
  2. Look into prolific guest bloggers– have you seen a writer whose guest blogs appear over and over in different sites? You could simply search out the other sites to which such prolific guest bloggers post. See if any of these sites are ideal for you to guest post upon. You could also approach the guest blogger for an introduction to the owners of other sites in your industry.
  3. Use your competitors’ backlinks– by doing a backlink analysis of your competitor you may uncover backlinks from guest posts done by said With this knowledge, you then can find out if you too can send blog posts to such sites.
  4. Check out the social media– most guest bloggers share their guest blogs on their social media networks. Just follow the link on their social media networks to find out which blogs are accepting guest blogs from writers.
  5. MyBlogGuest– this is a community of guest bloggers. From here it is fairly easy for on to search for blogs that accept guest blogs.

Guest Blogging 300x150

Pitching A Guest Post

Once you have found a website that will accept your blogs, do not rush into contacting them. Take some time to prepare to pitch your content.

  • Understand the blog’s content– this is essential. Understand whether the content should be general concepts, detailed tutorials or specific exposés. Merely knowing what the blog contains is not enough. Take time to understand the audience as well. Understand whether the content is for beginners, intermediate or advanced audiences.
  • Look at other posts on the site– some blogs tend to accept guest articles from certain people and not others. Therefore, take time to study the bio of other guest bloggers for that site. This knowledge will come in handy when you introduce yourself as you pitch your articles.
  • Analyze the performance of other guest posts– your goal should be to create an article with the best engagement both on the blog and on social media. Therefore, study the site and find out which blogs have the highest rates of social media sharing and comments. This will offer you an inkling of what topics are best for your blog.
  • Build a profile for yourself– your articles will have a better chance of being accepted if blog owners recognize you. Take a week or two actively commenting on other guest blogs. You could even share some of them on your social media networks.
  • Look for an opportune moment– typically there are best times to pitch your articles. The most obvious moment is when a website specifically advertises that it’s looking for guest bloggers. You, however, can leverage on other opportunities that may arise such as when a blog mentions you, your products or your business in their web posts or on social media.

How to Pitch Successfully

Almost every website has its regulations pertaining to guest posting. You ought to follow these guidelines when pitching your guest article. Be sure that you understand what the site owner wants from you.

It’s possible that the owner of the blog on which you want your guest article to appear gets many pitches each week. You must, therefore, work to make your email as personal as possible but still remain professional. One of the ways of doing is by addressing the owner by name instead of starting with a simple “hi” or “dear sir or madam.”

Remember to consider the blog to which you are posting. If you are posting to a blog where articles are over 500 words long with lots of pictures, your blog should be somewhat similar. Never try to make your articles about you or your business. A good guest article seeks to inform. It, therefore, contains valuable information. It is thus in no way an advertisement.

It will be good if you included some internal links to some of the posts in the blog to which you post. It also is best to link to any specific products that you mention in your blog. At the end of your work, try to incorporate a call-to-action. Ask people to comment on your article.

Finally, remember that guest blogging is a two-way street. Therefore, welcome other guest bloggers to also come and write as guests on your website. Simply keep the conversations going. In all you do, be sure to keep learn and gaining new perspectives on how to improve your guest blogging.