WordPress powers millions of websites. And without the system, a third of the Internet would be gone.

Sadly, the average Internet user sees WordPress as a blogging platform. But there is more to it.

Every day, developers across the world build themes, plugins, and other vital tools to enhance the functionality of WordPress.

You can build/design almost anything you want with WordPress.

Yes! WordPress is the most powerful content management system on the planet.

Here comes the big question — what can you build with WordPress?

Almost anything you want.

In this article, we’ll reveal seven things you didn’t think WordPress could do.

(Hint: It’s not what you think).

1. Invoicing

If you’re a freelancer or you manage a small business, you know that invoicing is a cumbersome task.

Instead of using a third party software where you pay a subscription fee for your invoice, you can easily use free WordPress plugins like:

  • Sliced Invoices
  • WP-Invoice
  • Sprout Invoices
  • Sumo Invoices
  • Invoice king
  • Invoiced WP
  • WP Pro Invoicing System
  • Quip Invoices

Sliced Invoices

Sliced Invoices is an easy-to-use plugin that lets you create professional invoices for your clients.

The basic invoice plugin is free, but you have to pay for additional features.

The paid extensions include different payment processors, PDF invoices, Tax, Partial Payment and Discounts, etc.


The WP-Invoice is ideal for contractors, SEO consultants, web developers, and anyone who has a client.

Typically, you can send an itemized invoice to your clients by using the WP-Invoice. It’s also a free invoice plugin with paid extensions.

Sprout Invoices

Sprout Invoices gives you absolute control of your business invoicing. It’s fully customizable, and you can tweak the invoice to fit your business needs.

With Sprout Invoices, you can opt for the free version, a pro version, or you pay for extra extensions.

Sumo Invoices

Although paid, the Sumo Invoices is a WooCommerce plugin that offers PDF Proforma Invoice and PDF Invoice.

Invoice King

With the Invoice King, you’ll have control over every word on your invoice.

The plugin lets you change the invoice theme and makes the invoice creation process quite easy.

Ultimately, the style, layout, and look of your invoice depend on how you want it to be.

The Invoice King is free, but there are paid extensions available.

Invoiced WP

Invoiced WP is one of the most effective ways of sending invoices and getting your clients to pay you.

Instead of using spreadsheets, you can send your invoices directly from your website by using Invoiced WP.

This plugin is free.

WP Pro Invoicing System

This is a paid standalone plugin that lets you create, manage, edit, send, export, and track your invoices on your website.

Quip Invoices

Quip Invoices is a paid invoicing system that’s integrated into a WordPress website.

With Quip Invoices, you can send invoices, accept payments, store client data, and track your business sales.

2. Social Content Locker

Do you want more shares and engagement in your site? Then the social content locker may be the right fit for you.

Typically, site visitors feel reluctant to share valuable content. However, with the social locker plugin, you’d be able to lock your content. And your visitors are required to submit payment before unlocking your valuable content.

The required payment may be social shares, tweets, like, or +1.

By asking visitors to make simple social payments before accessing your content, you’d be able to drive more traffic from social platforms, generate loyal followers, and build authority.

3. Create an Affiliate Shop

You’ve got a website — Why not monetize it? With the use of simple tools, you can build an extra source of income on your WordPress website.

Here are tools to help you add affiliate links to your website.

  • ThirstyAffiliates
  • Easy Affiliate Links
  • WP Affiliate Manager


ThirstyAffiliates provides a single-click process that lets you design links on your site.

Also, ThirstyAffiliates provides a system where you can accurately track your sales.

Easy Affiliate Links

This plugin provides an effective way of cloaking your affiliate link so it can fit your content.

With Easy Affiliate Links, you can use HTML and a visual editor to create links.

Also, the plugin supports other functionalities like geo-specific and analytics links for local and regional sales.

WP Affiliate Manager

If you’re looking for ways of generating more sales on your website or store, the WP Affiliate Manager would be the right fit for you.

With the plugin, you’d be able to track all affiliates and referrals sent to your store. The plugin also reports real-time sales so you can follow the earnings appropriately.

The plugin provides an excellent system to help you give the right commissions.

What’s more, there is an unlimited number of affiliate signups.

4. Build A Membership And Subscription Site

If you’re a business owner, you can grow your business with WordPress by building a membership site.

Many plugins can help you build a membership site. And they’re designed differently. Some plugins offer only a single level subscription while others provide a more diverse subscription and membership levels.

Furthermore, WordPress membership plugins support payment gateways. Some plugins accept only one payment gateway like the credit card or PayPal. Others support both. You can also get a plugin that supports multiple payment gateways.

We’re big fans of the ARMember plugin, which you can read about in-depth at this post: Why ARMember Is the Best Membership Plugin for WordPress.

If you want to build a premium membership and subscription site, you can also use top membership plugins like MemberPress, LearnDash, Restrict Content Pro, and S2Member.

5. Create A Social Network

If you have a closed cycle or you want to build a personalized platform for your niche audience, you can use WordPress.

The idea is to build a social network with plugins like BuddyPress and WP Symposium.

With BuddyPress, your visitors can signup, create a profile, and send messages.

There are hundreds of BuddyPress plugins that can be customized to fit your unique needs.

6. Security

Cybersecurity is a major concern across the globe.

About 30,000 sites are hacked on a daily basis, and your site may be one of them.

Although proper coding and regular scanning are vital to the security of your site, you can take it one step further by using security plugins like iThemes Security and All-in-one WordPress Security and Firewalls.

The iThemes Security plugin provides a system for user login, 2-factor authentication, multiple sites protection, database backup, site monitoring, bots and user control, export/import settings, and concealing any vulnerability in your site’s security.

The All-in-one WordPress Security plugin provides similar protections for user login, database, user accounts, registration, and file database.

Next time you’re searching for ways of securing your website, think WordPress!

7. Build An E-commerce Site

Do you want to grow beyond merely blogging and converting your WordPress website into a money making machine?

Then you should build an e-commerce site.

Several plugins are designed to help you build an e-commerce site with your WordPress. Plugins like WooCommerce provides a system where you can track sales, reviews, and stock levels.

Also, you’ll be able to integrate payment gateways like PayPal standard and bank transfer.

For those looking for more functionality, there’s a way of integrating shopping options, Google Analytics, and premium options like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Although WooCommerce is the leading plugin for e-commerce, there are other excellent options, like Shopify or Magento

Grow Your Business With WordPress

It’s crystal clear that WordPress is more than a blogging platform. And you can build almost anything you want with it.

In this era of the world wide web, WordPress offers an incredible system where you can launch a new business (or grow an existing brand) without any coding knowledge.

What’s the next new project you’d want to build with WordPress?