Are you thinking about running an e-commerce store?

Well, it is a fact that e-commerce has started to grow in the last 5 years, and it is in a continuous ascent now as most customers use the Internet to make a purchase.

Is e-commerce really the next big thing for business to focus in the future? There doesn’t seem a doubt about it.

In current times, content and commerce are the main driving forces of the online economy, where multiple websites come down to create content and sell their products. It does make sense that content and commerce are dependent on each other to be successful. And thanks to WordPress, you can do both and excel in each area.

What Makes Content and Commerce a Perfect Match?

Before proceeding into what WordPress can do for your business, let us look at why both content and commerce go hand in hand.

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Content Is a Trust-Builder

One of the best ways to build a relationship with your audience and buyers is to create great content. But why? Because content focuses more on them and not on you.

Creating some creative content does help to increase your conversions as it is much more unobtrusive rather than pushing the sale. You can also initiate a conversation and develop expertise, gain authority & become trustworthy by providing free content.

Increase the Traffic and SEO

Google and many other search engines love content only if it is of high-quality, long-form and unique. Google prefers to display such content on the first page of their search results. You are likely to hit 1,000 words with a simple product page, and it is considered as an average length for any successful blog content.

Creating content is a good way to rank higher and bring in more visitors to increase your traffic. Also, every content is yet another piece for Google to index and another chance to attract potential buyers. Hence, high-quality content is vital for domain authority and link building that ultimately increase your chances of search rankings.

Expands the Social Media Scope

Apart from the search engines, content is also important for the social media sphere, as these platforms are no longer just a place where the people post how they are feeling or what they ate. It has also turned out to become an alternative search engine with the millions of users who are looking for products, services, and knowledge that attracts them.

For good reason, social media is considered as an important marketing tool as if you are ready to share some helpful, up to date tips and solve the common people’s issues with your content. Then, they are likely going to be more happy to see and share it. Indeed, longer content is more likely to be shared than shorter pieces.

Creating one’s own content helps to bring visitors back to your site as quality content is more admirable to get a huge following. Finally, who knows if one of your articles will go viral and get you a bunch of visitors at once?

Increase your conversion rates

High-quality content facilitates more reasons to stick around on your website than just product pages. If a buyer spends more time on your site, then there are more chances to convert browsers into buyers, only if you have a true content which helps to engage, inform and overall help the visitors.

Building a relationship with your audience through content is one of the best hacks to make customers happy and keep selling your products.

How to Use WordPress for E-Commerce

There are many e-commerce platforms that rule the world when it comes to their frequency across the web. Among all, WooCommerce leads the e-commerce market, followed by Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, etc. It is a free plugin which is transforming WordPress websites into customizable stores.

WooCommerce preserves multiple functions core to the standards of the WordPress experience and adds an e-commerce capability and customization. The tool is capable of delivering superb content management by storing content along with images as maintained by the site owners.

WordPress seems to provide a foundation for more than 30% of the websites across the globe, and many of them sell goods with their storytelling. You need to build community and customer lifetime value through their owned website rather than a marketplace like Amazon. Try to achieve organic search visibility and decrease the paid PPC costs by subsequently increasing ROAS.

What Can You Actually Do to Grow Your E-commerce Store?

For the B2B scope, the main purpose is to build a brand with high customer lifetime values, which come through a fantastic customer experience from awareness through retention.

You need a lot of content for creating some awareness, and also your SEO needs to be top notch. Make sure your website loads quickly and takes no lag time despite the amount of content or images it hosts. Depending on your business size, your data orchestration needs to be humming along with accuracy. Indeed, you will need a full funnel customer experience rather than just the checkout which inspires to build a community around trust.

Ensure your content is of high-quality and spreads brand awareness with the aid of some plugins and themes that are compatible with your business site.

In a Nutshell

A huge part of the online world is devoted either to content or e-commerce or sometimes both. There is no wonder that by combining these two can build a profitable online business. This is due to content as it is one of the most effective online marketing methods in existence. Some sort of commerce is necessary to monetize your web entity and a big thanks to WordPress development as it helps to be well versed in both.

The platform offers multiple benefits for e-commerce and content creation as it makes this the perfect companion for building a site which is both popular and profitable that sounds more like a dream. Happy learning!