Marketers rely a lot on WordPress plugins for digital marketing, simply because plugins fetch them data and help to analyze that data down to the finest details, that the scattered picture becomes clear for marketers. Also, it’s a vital fact that WordPress powers the majority of websites. Being the most preferred, versatile, and easy-to-use content management system, WordPress is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to build a website in a few quick steps.

Hence, a digital marketer who is not well-equipped with the knowledge of high quality and useful WordPress plugins is missing out on helpful tools. Plugins get updated, and as a marketer, you need to stay up-to-date too. That is why we want to discuss some of the best plugins for WordPress.


If you want an assistant working with you on marketing through automation, then Jetpack is that assistant. This amazing plugin can be the best friend of both the site developer and the site marketer. That’s because the plugin offers lovely marketing jobs on automation like advertising, social sharing, optimization, traffic generation, engagement, and much more. There are more than 30 features that make the plugin a functional one. Support service and various widgets are useful additions to the utility of the plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps

Search engines index your site faster and better with optimized keywords when the site structure is easier for Google and other search engines to read. That is why a sitemap is made. The job of a sitemap is to make a list of all the pages in the site with their details. And the Google XML Sitemaps plugin helps you in making that sitemap automatically. When you install this plugin, it generates a sitemap. And then search engines read your site pages faster and index them faster. Thus, ranking those pages becomes easier in the future. This plug-in is especially useful in those cases where an experienced web developer did not make the site.

Broken Link Checker

Before launching a site, the site developer tries to ensure that there are no broken links in the site and that all the page addresses are working properly and directing to the right page. However, you cannot be totally perfect or sure. That is why it’s smart to check this with the help of this plugin. If there are broken links on a site, then the Broken Link Checker plugin detects them and displays a list of all such broken links to you so that you can work on them, remove them, rectify them, and make your site perfect and presentable. This is an essential plugin for online marketers because search engines do not like broken links. Rectifying the broken links can be done from the plugin itself.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO is one very important and useful plugin marketers love for the extra support they get from the plugin in doing SEO. The plugin is highly efficient in telling if your content is good enough; if you are using the right keywords, placing keywords at proper places; if the pictures and descriptions with the content are proper; and if you have added the meta description and meta tags as required or not. In this way, there are so many guidelines given by the plugin. It checks the page content, and the reports are so eye-opening that small things also won’t slip out of your sight. The plugin helps marketers by increasing the pace of their work while aiding in making pages perfect for better marketing. The plugin’s content analysis tool is a great help.

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Brilliant’s Web-to-Lead plugin is for those who use both WordPress and Salesforce. The plugin acts as a connector between the two, and users viewing the site are made to register as a lead on Salesforce directly. The plugin also comes with data analysis tools to help with traffic and data. This plugin is a good time saver.

MailChimp WD

A mailing system is a must if you have a website. Website marketers realize the importance of such a system very well. The MailChimp plugin offers a robust mailing system. Integration of it on the WordPress site gives the marketer access to subscriptions forms, email lists, and so much more, and a nice dashboard lets you control everything easily. Using the plugin, many custom fields also can be added to the emails and forms.


This is another beautiful plugin innovatively designed for WordPress sites. Marketers love OptinMonster for its rich features and versatility. Using this plugin, floating sidebars, pop-ups, forms on the sidebar, and many such elements can be generated and used. This helps generate leads, and also helps in increasing subscribers, build email lists, and helps in increasing conversions too. With it, advanced page targeting is possible. Unique content can be posted too. With the efficiency of conversion analytics and A/B testing, the plugin is a great one that any digital marketing firm would love to use.

These tools are all meant make the work of marketers easy. There are so many aspects of marketing that marketers have to think about and concentrate on, that they love using tools that save them time and effort. These tools are all great for improving site quality, content quality, and improvise keyword usage in the correct way. This reduces the labor of the marketer and helps get better results. Hence if your digital marketing service is already using such tools and plugins on your WordPress site, then you should feel lucky that your marketer has a good knowledge of the most used tools that are needed today.