Facebook Messenger is one of the most effective advertising channels because it allows reaching out users via more personal communication. And it’s not a secret that video ads are the best tool to grab and hold audience attention because catchy visual content works much better than text.

Consequently, using video ads with a call to action in Messenger is a great method to promote products and services online. Let’s check what steps you should take to create a killer marketing campaign.

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Step #1 – Come Up with a Brilliant Idea

A video ad should catch audience attention from the very first seconds and hold it to the last shot: it should be unique and memorable. If you are not Steven Spielberg and have no experience in video making, you need time to generate a genius idea. There are a few methods, which will help you.


Run a brainstorming session with your team members and define the topics, which are the most interesting for your target audience. Discuss various options with your creative friends and family, think about it before sleep – and your Muse will bring you a fantastic video idea in a few days.

Competitor Analysis

If your competitors utilize video ads, you must see and analyze them. Whether marketing campaigns of your rivals go well or badly, you can learn a lesson from their practices. Moreover, various ads, which promote products similar to yours, can bring you inspiration.

Social Media Trends

Short funny videos, memes, and challenges go viral and occupy the minds of millions of users. “If you want to make your video ad profitable, try to build your marketing campaign around the current social media hype,” shares James Daily, content manager, and founder of Brainished.

Step #2 – Add Textual Content

Your video ad should also have some textual content: catchy title, engaging description, and subtitles. This task is challenging because you need to describe your sophisticated idea in a few short sentences. If you need professional writing assistance, you can find it online: there are numerous writing services.

Another textual content issue is all about proper grammar. You have no rights to make a typo or spelling mistake because it will screw up an entire advertising campaign. If it’s difficult for you to revise your own texts, you can utilize any proofreading tools and services similar to Grammarly, Canada-Writers, and Hemingway Editor.

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Step #3 – Create Call-To-Action

Ads without the call to action are worth nothing, so it is important to add a phrase, which will not leave your audience indifferent. You should better avoid the hackneyed words combinations like “enroll now” or “get it for free”. Try to be more creative to stand out from the crowd, or try these call to action examples.

Amanda Sparks, digital marketer and author of Top Down Writer blog states: “Asides from the lead generation, Facebook Messenger ads offer another excellent opportunity to increase sales. Call-to-action button can refer potential customers directly to a chat, so you can start communication immediately. Undoubtedly, fast response to the client’s interest is a great way to drive the conversion.”

Step #4 – Track Results and Optimize

You should work on ads optimization using accurate statistical data. You will be able to double the conversion rate if precisely analyze Facebook reports.

In case if you want to make a process of getting reports smoother, try to use Funnel Dash software. You will be able to filter various objectives and focus your attention on the most important indicators. Carrying out the analysis, you should take a closer look at the following aspects.


The success of any marketing campaign completely relies on a deep understanding of potential customers’ needs and shopping behavior. If you created a video clip for Millennials of both genders, but statistic shows that major audience includes 30-35 years old women, try to figure out what went wrong.

In this case, you can change the Facebook settings to use an advertising budget wisely. For example, you can stop showing this ad to young male users, which have no interest in watching this video.

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View-Through Rate

This indicator is crucial for the video ads: if it shows that users skip watching a video clip, then the marketing campaign will bring no results. View through rate is interrelated with the cost per click and cost per lead, so it has a direct impact on the advertising budget.

Jason Burton, SMM specialist at Top Australia Writers says: “Modern people are overloaded with the tones of unnecessary information, so they look through the Facebook messages really fast. For this reason, you must create a video, which will intrigue customers from the first sight. You should make users stop scrolling and watch your video till the end without taking eyes off the screen.”

In Conclusion

Today, a creative video ad with a call to action is one of the most effective tools of promotion on social media. Small companies and huge corporations proved that this is a great way to grab the attention of Facebook Messenger users all over the world.

If your company is looking for a solution, which will help to increase social media reach and engagement, don’t hesitate to launch the video ads. Modern users are sick of the ordinary marketing campaigns; so, you should work hard to create an appealing, funny and informative video. And of course, if you need help with your ads, Scepter offers digital marketing services.