Introduction to Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition, the most used platform for the development of an eCommerce store is a platform for higher performance. This is the most scalable solution for eCommerce development companies which are fastly growing. It is a highly professional solution that offers business-class features and functionality along with the flexibility of optimizing an eCommerce store based on necessity.   

Due to its high-end functionality, Magento Enterprise Edition lets you gain quality traffic to your store and convert the maximum amount of visitors in order to increase online profits. Generally, large stores use it that require top-notch customization options and advanced features for their eCommerce store. Also, Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 is the latest version of the digital eCommerce platform. This edition is now helping medium-scale as well as enterprise-class online stores.

Our Magento developers can help you figure out if Magento is the tool for you and your business. Below, we will show you top advantages of using this Magento Enterprise edition to build an eCommerce store. 

7 Advantages of Using Magento Enterprise Edition

Flexibility for a Rich Customer Experience

Flexibility is one of the features for which this platform is known and the Magento Enterprise edition offers an extraordinary flexibility that lets you create a rich customer experience. This edition provides the tools to the customer to build a fantastic online shopping experience for their customers.

With this edition, functionality boundaries of a eCommerce store do not exist. The store owner is provided with limitless flexibility to offer a unique and customer-friendly shopping experience to your customers. Magento Enterprise Edition is for cost-effective innovation of eCommerce stores.

Numerous Extensions

While building an eCommerce store, a store owner will surely think about the ease and flexibility of their customers. The Magento platform is so popular that there are innumerable extensions available to make the process easier for developers. Appropriate use of the Magento extension can make the store perfect to use for customers as well as developers.

When using Magento Community Edition, there are some limitations. But, with Magento Enterprise Edition, the owner has the ability to use numerous Magento extensions. Due to this, the functionality of the eCommerce store is enhanced in such a way that it automatically attracts higher traffic and increases growth in sales.

Open Architecture

The Magento Enterprise Edition proves there is a new era of innovation in the eCommerce industry. This is built on a modern tech stack such that uses popular framework and support industry standards. The architecture of the platform is such that it makes customizations easy to add or remove.

The architecture of Magento Enterprise allows smooth management of the interactions between extensions with the help of plugins. This platform uses stable service interfaces so that the site upgrades and customization are easy and durable. This edition also makes the marketing procedure fast and improves the code quality by providing a fully automated testing framework.

Expert Support and Consulting Services

Along with quick support, this edition also provides support in 33 languages for the global deployment of the eCommerce store. Similar to the Community Edition, you can have the benefit of support from a team of experts who are totally dedicated helping you succeed. The technical support from Magento is available 24/7, so that you can quickly resolve the technical issues faced. 

Along with expert support, Magento Enterprise Edition is known for the consulting it provides to the developers, the services that can make the developers reach to the solution at the same time they face any issue. This can let you improve the performance of your store and attain great scalability for higher sales growth. When things become easier for developers, you can notice the result in the store’s productivity.

High-end Security

In an eCommerce store, it vital to maintain the security of your customers’ bank details. When you build an eCommerce store with Magento Enterprise Edition, you can be sure of the security of that data.

Magento Enterprise Edition comes with strict integrations of payment gateways like Paypal, Braintree, WorldPay, and CyberSource. These integrations improved the security for the eCommerce store, along with the easiest ever level of PCI compliance, depending on the selected payment method.

Enhanced Business Agility

Magento is revolutionizing merchant as well as customer and developer experiences by providing high efficiency and usability. This enables you to operate better and also handle rapid growth. The new admin panel design contains a perfect, streamlined interface to save you time. It makes the daily management of tasks intuitive for freshers to learn. It also simplifies the update process and lets you quickly track sales with just a few clicks.

Magento Enterprise Edition empowers the continuous optimizations of the operations to lead you towards progress. With this, you can save views in the admin panel to enable quick access to the information that is critical to your business. Overall, you can make back- and front-end processes on your eCommerce store 4x easier with Magento Enterprise Edition.

Maintenance Made Easier

Now, let us come to the most important and critical advantage of the Enterprise Edition: this modular architecture reduces the complexities and costs of your eCommerce website’s maintenance. Also, it offers simplified upgrades that will assure the safety of your investments. With this, you can easily integrate the updated functionality to drive higher sales and greater efficiency.

Impressed by the advantages? Great! Well, then go ahead and build your eCommerce store with the Magento Enterprise Edition.