Today is the best time to develop your powerful business. As you may know, business presentation matters and it matters a lot. Therefore, it is time to finally build your own online project related to sports. This article will tell you how to do it without coding skills. For these reasons, let’s move to the best 20 sports WordPress themes.

In a word, these products combine the experience of the best developers. Therefore, they already have every feature and design element you need to run a stylish online project. These hip sports WordPress themes provide you only with the options that you really need for your business niche.

They have a valid, well-commented, and clean code with 100% SEO readiness. As a result, you can manage a magnificent business website quickly, without editing a single line of code. Still, all the elements are customizable. It means that you can change them effortlessly and style the website up to your personal taste. Needless to say, these sports WordPress themes are also easy-to-use.

If you need any more help with choosing and installing a WordPress template, our web design team can assist you.

Sports WordPress Themes Features

Without a doubt, each of these sports WordPress themes is feature-rich. Actually, they combine power and beauty in one pack. To illustrate, we have prepared for you a short list of the theme’s features.

  • The drag-and-drop page builder and Elementor will help you to build your new pages without working with the code. Thus, all you need to do is to drag and drop the needed elements to the editor.
  • Ecwid-readiness allows you to add web store functionality to your site in just a few minutes. Also, you will get your online shop for free!
  • Parallax effect will help you to make a beautiful presentation of your site’s content. In a word, the effect creates an attention-grabbing illusion of depth and motion when a customer is scrolling the page.
  • These crisp sports WordPress themes also provide you with an inimitable Lazy Load effect. As a result, it will improve your project’s speed and enrich the design of your gallery.
  • Newsletter subscription is one of the must-haves for every professional website. Using this option, you can notify your audience about recent updates, discounts, and other cool things.
  • The ready-to-use sports WordPress themes below contain multiple Custom Widgets. Thanks to this feature, you can add various content types to the design of your online pages. Everything is editable.
  • Cross-browser compatibility makes your site look awesome no matter which browser a visitor is using.
  • Your online project will also look professional on any device with any screen size thanks to a fully responsive design.
  • These supreme sports WordPress themes feature an Appointment Manager that will certainly further your work.
  • To end with, there are a lot of voguish elements like icons, buttons, price tables, counters, and timers that you may use for the design of your project.

Needless to say, these are not all the features you will get choosing the premium sports WordPress themes below. All in all, they are code-free, so you can change or add the elements without a hitch. There are also easy-to-manage Color Settings that let you change the interface just in a few clicks.

Don’t forget that every handy template has its live demo, so you can run it to see how the theme looks in action. Without further delays, here are the top 20 sports WordPress themes.

20 Best Sports WordPress Themes

1. Fitpress – Aesthetic and Hi-res Sports WordPress Theme

61153 big

Fitness WP Theme

Details | Demo

At the outset, this gorgeous fitness and gym template on our sports WordPress themes list provides its owner with a rich package of the best Cherry plugins to improve the functionality of your online project.

Fitpress comes with a pre-packed Drag-and-Drop Page Builder, which contains over 25 ready-to-use modules and a set of customizable configuration options. Using this handy feature, you can create and edit the new pages without a hitch because the builder is code-free and provides you with a fast drag and drop functionality.

2. Train Hard – Top-notch and Absolutely Flexible Sports WordPress Theme

66079 big

Train Hard Fitness WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Train Hard is a top-notch template on our sports WordPress themes list that contains a magnificent Elementor Page Builder, an awesome tool to effortlessly build your content. In addition, it has a mobile-first design, so now you can be sure that the visitors to your website will be able to view it wherever they are. Train Hard provides its owner with a built-in Booked Appointment Plugin, which lets your customers book their appointments online.

3. Fastlek – Invigorating and Powerful Sports WordPress Theme

63582 big

Running WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The first thing you should know about this hi-res sports WordPress theme is that Fastlek provides its owner with multiple Layout Options, which means that you are able to choose from a large set of settings and experiment with the look of your online pages and their structure. There is a comfortable built-in library, so you can save your favorite layouts and use them for the creation of some new pages. To finish with, Fastlek also provides you with many Content Modules, so you can add various types of content (e.g. slider, buttons, icons, contact forms, images, etc.) to your website’s pages easily and without touching a single line of code.

4. Flex Up – Handy and Beautiful Fitness Magazine WordPress Theme

63992 big

Details | Demo

As you can see, Flex Up is your ready-made solution for the creation of an attractive and well-running online magazine related to fitness and gym. Basically, this amazing fitness and gym WordPress theme is Ecwid-ready, which means that now you can add a web store to your site quickly, effortlessly and just for free! Flex Up offers you  such modern things as counters so you can inform visitors about the beginning of new classes, special offers, and other interesting things in the most voguish way.

5. IronMass – Strikingly-colored and Inimitable Fitness and Gym Website Theme

58536 big

Details | Demo

IronMass contains such stylish design elements as a Countdown Timer, which allows you to set a timer for some products and services. As a result, you will catch the attention of visitors, so here is your chance to showcase a particular offer and elevate the number of site visitors at the same time. In addition, this fitness and gym WordPress theme contains a great Appointment Manager, which saves you time by letting the guests of the site book an appointment online and help you to organize the schedule.

6. Sportex – Immersive and Strong Sports WordPress Theme

65044 big

Details | Demo

Initially, this immersive sports WordPress theme allows you to manage an inimitable blog just out-of-the-box and contains a huge amount of ready-to-use and long-standing blog pages. By choosing Sportex, you will get many flashy sorting options that will display your content either by grid, timeline, list, and masonry, so here is an ace and professional online presentation for your business. Furthermore, this strong WordPress template does not require any technical skills and allows you to use multiple filters to sort the products and posts by categories, so people will quickly find what they need.

7. Termifighter – Unforgettable and Easy-to-Use Martial Arts Club Sports WordPress Theme

64507 big

Details | Demo

Termifighter is a top-level sports WordPress theme, which comes with 5 minute installation and has a cool Setup Wizard that will help you to install all the pieces of the product just in a few clicks. Moreover, this unforgettable product allows you to add colorful banners, call-to-action buttons, blurbs, bar counters, circle counters, and many other modern design elements that you may need to set up an eye-pleasing online project. Finally, being Ecwid ready, Termifighter additionally includes a groundbreaking TM gallery that you can display in a wide variety of layouts, so don’t forget to learn more about this winning template!

8. Bhakti – Eye-pleasing and Soft Yoga Sports WordPress Theme

64088 big

Details | Demo

Bhakti is a truly responsive yoga WordPress theme, which means that, with its help, your incredible online project will look professional no matter which device a visitor prefers to use. All the design elements (like icons, picture, buttons, and texts) are adaptive as well, so they will be rendered automatically and look great on any gadget with any screen size. To end with, this marvelous WordPress template has a soft design and provides its owner with 7 Headers and 2 Footers to choose from.

9. BodyFuel – Magical and Feature-rich Sports WordPress Theme

59010 big

Details | Demo

A timetable is an important aspect for every successful business, so this feature-rich sports WordPress template contains a magical Timetable plugin, which allows you to create online schedules for single or multiple events rapidly. To say more, using the plugin, you are able to customize the look of your events and display the necessary items in a neat timetable. Moreover, BodyFuel includes a Live Customizer, which lets one customize their project with multiple template options and view all the changes live, without reloading the page.

10. Fitnesys – Groundbreaking and Attention-grabbing GPL Sports WordPress Theme for Your Blog

58401 big

Details | Demo

Now you can showcase your content in all its beauty easily because this attention-grabbing fitness and gym WordPress theme provides you with an awesome Slider, where you can place your promos, new items, sales information, and much more. Moreover, Fitnesys is a WPML-ready WordPress template, which means that now you can introduce your business all over the globe and launch a multilingual online project without trouble. Another powerful feature Fitnesys contains is a stylish Stick-to-Top Menu, which literally sticks to the top of your page when a user scrolls it down and keeps the main navigation right before their eyes at all times.

11. Shanti – Well-crafted Yoga Studio Sports WordPress Theme

59009 big

Details | Demo

To make a long story short, this WordPress theme is 100% responsive and would be a nice tool to manage an astonishing online project to introduce your yoga studio. For these simple reasons, Shanti has everything to get you highly ranked in search engines due to 100% SEO readiness, and provides its owner with a clean and well-commented code. Also, this shining template contains many Custom Widgets, including Social Media, so now you can share all the news from Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. with the guests of your online project.

12. Yoga – Neat Sports WordPress Theme

50792 big

Details | Demo

Yoga is a fully editable WordPress theme that provides its owner with 80+ shortcodes. You can style your online project in accordance with your preferences effortlessly. The templateincludes many Custom Posts and Formats, which means that you will be able to add various links, images, quotes, and media files to the site’s design. Moreover, there is a filterable portfolio, which allows you to sort the content of your bodacious website to make it even more qualitative and customer-friendly.

13. BodyBuilding – Incomparable Sports WordPress Theme with Niche-fitted Design

55028 big

Details | Demo

This sports WordPress template will make a smart and impressing presentation of your services. It features beautiful visual effects like Parallax scrolling and Lazy Load effect. As you may know, Parallax effect will enrich online projects with the illusion of motion, and Lazy Load improves the site’s work and adds gallery content. What’s more, BodyBuilding is a multilingual template that has official WPML Certification. You have a chance to spread your ideas all around the world and make your business international.

14. Relax – Cute, Powerful and Highly Responsive Yoga Sports WordPress Theme

52053 big

Details | Demo

First of all, this sports WordPress theme provides its owner with multiple Color Options. This means that you can change your website’s look in just a few clicks. Furthermore, Relax comes with 2-step installation and easy-to-use documentation. You don’t need to have website-building experience in order to set up a pleasant site. The theme also includes tons of customizable web typography and provides you with 600+ eye-catching fonts.

15. GymStyle – Prime and Multilingual Bodybuilding Sports WordPress Theme

51045 big

Details | Demo

Before all else, this sports WordPress theme provides its owner with a minimalist Dropdown Menu. You can put all necessary information in a small tab. As a result, your multilingual business website will look clean, well-organized, and user-oriented. There is also a Back-to-Top button, so customers don’t need to manually scroll all the way up. Finally, using GymStyle, you can add a FAQ page and share the most popular FAQs with visitors.

16. Power – Unique and Elegant Sports WordPress Theme

49083 big

Details | Demo

One of the must-have features this sports WordPress theme gives you is Testimonials. You can enrich your main page with quotes from happy customers or inspiring words. What is more, Power offers you to add a section where you introduce your company’s partners to visitors. To finish with, there is a comfortable Site Map that will help one to navigate through your business online project without a hitch and find any piece of information immediately.

17. Hercules – Ravishing and All-encompassing Sports WordPress Theme

47540 big

Details | Demo

This sports WordPress theme is SEO-ready. This means that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will quickly index your business project. As a result, you will have a seamless visitor experience. Don’t hesitate to use multiple keywords, tags and meta descriptions for your sports content. What is more, Hercules comes with a built-in Live Customizer. This lets you improve the site interface, customize it without trouble and view all changes live.

18. Fitness Club – Colorful and Well-featured Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

44759 big

Details | Demo

As you can see from the demo, Fitness Club allows you add a stylish schedule on the homepage. With it, your visitors will be able to book an appointment quickly from anywhere. This will definitely save their time and grow your company. Moreover, there is a modern Slider on the top of the main page. You can use it to introduce your company in pictures. Plus, there are many sections for your advice, posts, or class information.

19. OpenAir – Dazzling and Invigorating Yoga Classes WordPress Theme

51030 big

Details | Demo

With this theme you can show the latest posts from your blog on the homepage. This keeps clients up-to-date and it boosts user and SEO engagement simultaneously. OpenAir is a truly changeable WordPress product. You can choose a type of sidebar or position, or from a wide range of font settings. You can also style other design elements the way you need them to look. To finish with, there is Advanced Backup, which you can always use to save your content.

20. Sensei – Deep, Brand-new, and Versatile Martial Arts Sports WordPress Theme

59019 big

Details | Demo

Supplied with a rich set of Custom Widgets, Sensei comes with a fast Drag-and-Drop Page Builder. This will help you build new pages easily, even if you have never done it before. The feature is fully customizable and easy-to-use. You can add text, dividers, pricing tables, and other design elements by dragging and dropping them. To end with, using Sensei, you can finally forget what a browser-testing routine is. With the help of this deep and versatile WordPress theme, your website will work amazingly in any browser.

For today these were all the ready-made sports WordPress themes we wanted to share with you. As you can see, now WordPress is more than just a usual platform. It offers you endless possibilities to manage an online project worthy of your customers’ attention. To say more, the showcased sports WordPress templates come with free lifetime updates! It means that you buy a template only once but can always upgrade with new features.