Every day in this world, a lot of people have a task to convert JPG to Word format. You may want to extract the text for a project or you may have some document which you only have an image of. In the past, there was only one option – retyping every single word of the text – and that means you will be sending the rest of your day doing your manual conversion. Fortunately, technology is growing very fast and this task has become much, much easier. We can now conveniently make a JPG to Word. With the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it is now easy to convert an image file into a Word document.

Many of us who have tried this before know well that there are two ways of carrying out a JPG to Word conversion. You can either do it online by exploring good websites for file conversion or can download the software to convert the file anytime you want. Here is the first option to do JPG to Word document:


Online File Conversion – After picking up the best option online, there are some steps to be done for the file conversion:

  • First, choose the image file you need to convert or you can even take the scanned file.
  • Now, choose the language in which you need to convert your file.
  • In this step, you are required to select the output format which would obviously be the Word format.
  • Here you have to attempt the captcha code.
  • Now, you will get the option “convert”, you have to click on it.
  • In the final step, you can download your converted document.

Note: It is not necessary that you would get the appropriate results as you are doing conversion online. You need not worry, here is one more option left which will surely give you the best result.

Let’s go for the second option, downloading a JPG to Word converter that will conveniently transform all your image files to Word documents.

Offline File Conversion – For offline file conversion, you need to download the software from this link https://products.softsolutionslimited.com/jpg-to-word/ or from the company’s website Soft Solutions

  • After downloading it, these easy steps would enable you to carry on with your file conversion stress-free:
  • Run the setup on your computer. When you open the software, it will take you to the default Home Page.
  • Look at the left corner of the software, there, you will find the option to select the JPG file you want to convert.
  • Once you have uploaded this file, select Word (Doc) as the output format.
  • Click the “Save” button. Your image file will open as a Word document. After the conversion of your file, you can edit the format according to your need.

jpg to word

Useful Point

There is one important thing to be remembered that if you want the quality and the accuracy of your image file should be good enough, you must have the high-quality image file for the conversion because it will help software to recognize the characters of the text. You will get the faultless results.


This is your choice which option suits you best. However, if you go for the second option, we must conclude by saying that this software will never get you disappointed because its features are easy to access. You can do multiple files conversion at a time as it gives you the desired results.

About the Author:

This Guest post is written by Ankit Nagpal, he is a software developer and a writer. He is an expert in the domains of printing, scanning, image editing, file formats, file conversions & document security. He is also the owner of a software company “Soft Solutions” that develops software in those domains.