SEO has changed a lot over the years as search engine algorithms have become more and more sophisticated. In fact, SEO has upgraded the user experience by making sure that spam or websites with weak content don’t rank higher on search engines. So, to make sure that your site ranks highly, follow these tips below:

The Dos

1. Always use analytics to measure performance

Before you start writing content for your website, you must know which keywords you are planning to use to make your website rank higher. Using keyword analytics is a good approach to make this decision much easier. You can use tools like Hubspot, but you can also use Alexa, Moz, or Marketo. Try finding phrases that relate to your business but make sure they have a low difficulty score. Long-tailed keywords are always the best way to make your site rank higher.

2. Focus your content around your keywords

Make sure that your title and meta-title are similar to the content and the keyword you are using. When people search for your content on Google, you will have only 55-65 characters to impress viewers. While having your keywords in the title is incredibly important, it’s also important that the titles read well to real humans as well.

In the content body, make sure that your content is easy to read and specific to the area that you planned to write about. Adding unnecessary information won’t help your site with SEO. Nowadays, search engines can also understand your context and conversational language. So, you don’t have to repeat the keywords and phrases over and over again.

3. Make sure to use relevant links

When using hyperlinks in your content, always go for quality over quantity. Too many links on your site will make your content look like spam. Just a few relevant links to the keywords of your other web pages and external links that are relevant to your content will make your site rank higher.

When you are linking internally to your site, make sure you have links to the keywords that you want your site to rank for. Make sure you link to that web page only once. Having multiple links to the same page won’t increase your SEO, but harm it instead. The right way is to link users directly to the relevant pages on your site. Also, make sure that outbound links open in a new tab so that your users stay on your website.

4. Make sure to optimize images for SEO

With all types of media on your site, always remember to add a label, alternative text, or a tag so that these appear in search engines as well. Try using short descriptions. Once search engines trace them, they understand what type of content is on your site and whether it’s relevant or not to adjust the ranking of your website accordingly.

The Don’ts

5. Avoid copying large amounts of content from external sites

Always avoid copying content from other sites. As search engines can detect duplicate content, they will rank the original content’s site higher while decreasing yours. Duplicating a small piece of content would probably not harm you much, but when you plan to copy large chunks of text it will likely hurt you more than help you.

6. Avoid linking to external sites too much

Avoid linking to other external sites too often as this can harm your site’s SEO. If you keep using too many external links in your content, it makes it look like spam, affecting your SEO. These external links will make it difficult to read your content, highly increasing your bounce rate. Also, make sure you don’t link to adult or gambling sites.

7. Don’t overuse keywords

Avoid overusing a keyword in your content as this can put off your customers and reduce potential conversions. When search engines find your content repetitive it leads to higher bounce rates, which will lower your site’s ranking. Try using synonyms. This makes sure that search engines recognize your content’s topic without affecting your users’ readability.

8. Avoid cheating the system

Avoid using link schemes such as buying backlinks, hidden links, and participating in link networks to increase your website’s SEO. As search engines become smarter every day, these techniques don’t work and instead backfire and end up penalizing your site. As a result, such tactics will reduce the quality and ranking of your overall content.

SEO Dos and Don’ts – Conlusion

Follow this tips to increase the ranking of your websites. Strictly, follow these do’s and don’ts tips or else your site might end up being blacklisted by Google and then it will be really difficult to increase your site rankings again. Make sure to write unique good quality content with the help of keywords and use an analytical tools to see the popularity of the keywords. Of course, if you want help, we offer done for you SEO Services to get you ranked highly. Get in touch today!