Since SMS plays a very significant role in business marketing in this modern technological world, you must know how to incorporate it in your marketing strategy if you have not already. But if you have, then you must know the tips to improve your SMS marketing.

According to the survey report of RegalixInc on ‘State of B2B Mobile Marketing 2016’, digital marketing is quickly gaining traction and is becoming more and more effective when SMS is incorporated. This has become the face of conventional marketing in the B2B scenario. The statistical figures of the survey especially point out that:

  • More than 37% of the respondents indicated that digital marketing is more effective than offline marketing
  • More than 77% of respondents admitted that SMS integration is their high priority in digital marketing to make it more effective

With such a rise of digital marketing practices, marketers of today are battling to find out more dynamic ways and newer methods to make the most of this medium. They constantly embrace newer and better technology and tools each day, such as the mass text message app. This helps them to continue to better their old marketing techniques and master the new ones for gaining more return from their marketing efforts and investments.

Therefore, in this present business landscape where everything is digital and the returns are expected fast, there is no debate or confusion regarding which is by far the best, digital or traditional marketing.

In fact, if you want to move forward and reach to your business goals easily and as desired, there is no other alternative but to acknowledge the importance of both and integrate them perfectly to make it into a unified and more effective whole.

Making SMS More Effective

If you are looking to make the best use of mobile B2B marketing and get high returns, then here are a few tips to better your SMS marketing and create more effective strategies.

To start with, you must know how to optimize your website for a mobile device. If you want it to be put in simple terms, you will need to do this essentially because Google, one of the major and most extensively and popularly used search engines, favors those websites that are optimized for mobile devices over those that are not. The benefits of designing a website that is mobile responsive includes:

  • Increasing the likelihood of your site to appear  higher up in the top ranking search results
  • Improving your search results using the Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP project.

This AMP Project is an opensource initiative that aims to make the website better for all the users. The project will help you in many different ways if you know how to make the best use of it. The most important benefit of using the AMP project apart from the time and cost saving factor is that it will enable you to create websites and different relevant ads that are:

  • More consistent in design
  • Faster in loading
  • More effective in operation
  • More beautiful in its aesthetics and appeal
  • Have a high level of performance.

All these possibilities will increase your reach to more and more customers irrespective of the type of device or the distribution platforms. This will, in turn, raise the possibilities of conversion which will add to your sales prospects, revenue generation, and business profits as well.

Marketing Automation

In order to stay alive in this modern and highly competitive business world, there is no way but to follow the trends and practices of your competitors. Marketing automation is the current trend that will help you to beat the competition and stay ahead of it.

There are lots of business marketing tools to use to make your marketing campaigns more aggressive and effective yet not be pushy to make a sale, thereby annoying your customers to ward them off your site.

Research has found that:

  • More than 75% of consumers feel frustrated when they find that a particular website does not contain what they are looking for or displays content that is not relevant to them.
  • Marketing automation is very helpful to businesses as it offers personalized experiences to the customers.
  • It also saves a lot of time and money both for the businesses as well as the customers, making it more cost effective in both ways.

In addition to that, the research says that marketing automation also helps marketers significantly when they can automate all repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Sending out SMS messages to the masses more effectively and within a couple of seconds using a mass text message app
  • Sending more emails to the targeted customers and enticing them to subscribe to your newsletters
  • Posting new content on different social media channels to reach out to more and more customers and start a better and more result-oriented conversation instantly.

All these will significantly add to the return you expect from your SMS and digital marketing campaign. It will help you in many ways, but the most significant ones are:

  • It will help you to increase the awareness of your brand among your users and social media followers
  • You will be able to make people more knowledgeable about your product and services and, in turn, help them to make a better and faster buying decision
  • It will help you to make a clear and better impression on the web with a more effective online presence.

Since most people use mobile devices now, especially after the advent of the smartphones, to access websites and social media to research products, services, and brands, SMS marketing is the best and most feasible approach. Invest a little now and expect high returns both in the short and long term.