At Scepter, we don’t just talk about marketing, we do it for ourselves. We feel that we can help our customers well because we engage in the same types of marketing ourselves. We do SEO. We run ads. We test, and we scale.

This week, we’re launching a new project aimed at the exploding bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. The site is called Blockchain Distributed. It’s built on Shopify and will be mostly powered by Facebook Ad marketing. It carries everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs to phone cases to hats to other accessories related to bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies. And of course, customers will be able to pay with either of those 3 coins thanks to BitPay.

This store will be our first print-on-demand Shopify store. Our initial hope was to use TeeSpring, but they have discontinued their Shopify app. So after reading some reviews, we made the decision to go with CustomCats as our dropshipping vendor though we looked at both Gooten and GearBubble.

Check out some of our T-shirt designs here

Our store already features some designs representing other cryptocurrencies such as the bitcoin loan platform bitconnect, the new mobile phone currency electoneum, and of course ripple, IOTA, and dash. We plan to add additional apparel as they become more popular.

Our goal with this site is many fold:

  1. Be Like Our Customers – As stated above, we want to better serve our customers and we can do that best by being one of them. Running our own Shopify site will help us move from the advanced technical knowledge that we already have to a more robust, comprehensive view of the platform that incorporates all aspects of running a store. Simply put, coding a Shopify theme or app and running a Shopify store are two entirely different things. We want to be able to help our customers with both, and we believe we’ll better achieve this as we run our own Shopify store.
  2. Facebook Ads Offering – We want to be able to better service our customers in terms of Facebook Ad Marketing. Selling physical products is quite a bit different than selling services which is what we are more accustomed to. Experimenting with ad campaigns for physical products will help us expand our knowledge and see the differences between selling tangible and intangible goods.
  3. Join the Bitcoin Mania – At the time of this article, bitcoin is just under $15,000 which, although it dropped from it’s high of nearly $20,000, is still up 1500% from what it was a year ago. With bitcoin futures now being offered on multiple exchanges, it seems that the coin is gaining mass popularity. Blockchain Distributed is a way for us to get our feet wet in this exciting, new, fast-paced arena and learn more about how bitcoin and other cyprocurrencies are already changing the future of money which will no doubt affect e-commerce and perhaps even the web in general.
  4. Proof of Concept – Should our new site become as successful as we believe it can be, it will no doubt make a great case study for our potential customers to view. Our customers will be able to see that we put our own money where our mouth is and walk the walk.
  5. Experimentation – Honestly, we also just love to experiment. The web is such a vast space that we could never do all of the ideas that we come up with, but we like to think we can try! Experimentation is at the core of what we do as a company. Change, though hard sometimes, is good. Experimenting with new ideas and new projects helps keep our team fresh and engaged.

So as you can see, we’re quite excited about our new venture which is set to launch sometime over the next 5 days. We encourage you to stop by, link to the site, and even buy a bitcoin coffee mug if you so desire! And, when your new favorite ICO launches, let us know, and we’ll be happy to add some cryptowear for it!