Related Product and Cross Sell Apps for Shopify – The Ultimate List

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It’s well known that displaying related products (also called “cross sell” items) can greatly increase ecommerce sales. Nearly every major retailer uses them, and you can bet that they are doing so because it works very well.

Many themes come with a built-in related products feature, but usually it shows random products from the same collection. Recently, we’ve been working on a lot of Shopify sites for our customers, and they want to know how to display related products to their customers. To better aid our customers in making their decisions, we’ve decided to put together the ultimate list of related product and cross sell apps for Shopify.

Not all cross sell, up sell, or related product apps are created equal. Each of these apps approaches relating products to each other differently. Here is a list of some of the methods that they employ.

  • Manual – These apps allow you to select exactly which items you want to be displayed on which product. Manually adding each related product gives you total control, but could be very time intensive if you have a large store.
  • Rule Based – These apps let you set rules so that you can have a partially-automatic system of relating items. These rules allow you to only show related items from a specific tag, collection, vendor, price range, color, etc. They sometimes allow you to exclude or include particular items as well.
  • Algorithmic – The more advanced apps use contextual data, previous order data, click data, or other data sources to show the best recommendations on each product. Thus, the related products shown on each page are dynamic and sometimes even personalized to that user depending on the data sources employed in running the relational algorithms. These types of apps are generally best suited for larger stores with many visitors where there is significant data to run the

So with that brief intro, here are brief descriptions of all the cross sell, upsell, an related product apps we could find! We will continue to update this page as we find more. Please feel free to suggest any additional apps in the comments.

Apps are ordered from cheapest to most expensive.

Related Product / Cross-Sell Apps

LimeSpot-Free Until LimeSpot helps to bring in more than 3x your monthly subscription fee. $9.95-$114.95

after that.

Personalizer Targeted shopify app 1

With a five-star rating and over 400 reviews, this app claims to be the #1 rated recommendation app on Shopify. LimeSpot does nearly everything you could hope for to help you up-sell or cross-sell products to your visitors.  Here are a few of their features:

  • Easily add dynamic recommended products to pages in order to showcase new items, trending products, featured collections, “You may also love” sections, recently viewed, and more. These sections are All of these content sections are mobile friendly!
  • Create personalized pages for your visitors with products that your site is recommending to them and also show recommended products on search results pages or even broken link pages (404s).
  • Robust product analytics that show you how many times products were viewed, how often they were added to carts, how much time users spent on each product, and of course how many times the item was ordered. Analytics also show how users are interacting with the items – whether they are getting to them cross sell or up sell widgets, related items sections, etc.
  • Related products can be selected by admins, can be set up dynamically through easy-to-use settings that create algorithms, or a mix of both.

As you can see, this app is chocked full of features. Furthermore, they are so confident that they will help you sell more items that they’ll let you use the app for free until LimeSpot helps to bring in more than 3x your monthly subscription fee. Once you do start paying, you will be charged based on your plan. When running a Shopify Basic plan, this app will cost you $9.95 / mo. When running Shopify the app will cost $24.95 / mo. When running Shopify Advanced, the app will cost you $49.95. If you’re on a Shopify Plus account, the price of the app will be $114.95/mo.

Obviously, this is a small price to pay if your sales actually triple.

Cross-Sell – $7 / mo.

Cross Sell shopify app

A very basic app to show products in a “You may also like” or “You may also love” section of your product page. For each product, you can pick the items that you want to be displayed. This app also shows products in the cart!

Integration requires that you add a line of code to your theme which is pretty easy to do. You can set the text that is displayed above this section, you can set the number of items to display, and you don’t need to worry about showing items that are out of stock or already in the cart to the user. They offer free customization to match your theme also.

Recommendify – $24.95 – $79.95 / mo. (Includes 14 day trial)

Recommendify shopify app

This app covers most of the features that you’d want from a recommendation app for related items in your store. Its recommendation engine grabs data from previous orders so that it can upsell the customer by showing him or her items that are often bought together.

However, if you want to override the recommendation engine, you can do so and customize the suggested items that show on a per product basis.

Recommeendify’s pricing is based on the number of items you have in your store. Less than 500 = $24.95. 500-1999 = $49.95. 2000+ = $79.95.

True, it’s a bit steep for a Shopify app, but it also has a built-in conversion tracking dashboard so that you can see exactly how much extra money you’re making from Reommedify. In my opinion, this last feature at least makes the app worth a try if you’re already getting a significant amount of sales. At a glace you’ll be able to see if you’re making more than the app cost, so you know if it’s worth your money or not.

Directed Edge Product Recommender – $24-$79 / mo. (includes 2 week free trial)

Directed Edge Product Recommender shopify app

Yet another recommendation app! One of the nicer things about this app is that it has several customization features built in to let you customize the appearance of the recommended products. In fact, you can use the same, normal Shopify theme customizer you’re familiar with to customize the look of your related products.

This app lets you show related products (of course!), but also lets you show product bundles, suggested products within the shopping cart, personalized recommendations for users, top products, recently reviewed products, and more.

Pricing is based on your Shopify plan. $24 / mo. for Basic, $39 / mo. for Business or $79 / mo. for Shopify Plus.

Other Mentions

Recomify – $39 / mo.

Recomify Related Products shopify app

Linkcious – $69/mo.

Linkcious Related Products shopify app

Recomatic – $69-$149/mo.

Recomatic Related Products shopify app

Below updates from 29-October-2018

Trust Hero – Free

Capture 10

Langify – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 11

SMS + Free Web Push Messages – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 12

Klaviyo: Marketing Automation – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 13

Printify: Print on Demand – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 14

McAfee SECURE – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 15

Conversio Marketing Automation – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 16

Boost Sales – Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 17

Rewards and Referrals – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 18

Cross Sell – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 19

Up Sell Apps

Product Upsell – $9.99 / $59.99 / mo.

Product Upsell shopify app

8UpSell – Buy X Get X – Free – $24.95 / mo.

8Upsell Buy X Get Y shopify app

Conversio – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Conversio shopify app

Below updates from 29-October-2018

Privy – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions


Yotpo – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 2

Facebook Chat – Free

Capture 3 Reviews – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 4

Loox- Photo Review – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 5

Bold Upsell- Upsell Smarter – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 6

Subscriptions by ReCharge – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 7

Bold Product Options – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 8

Discounted Upsells – Free – $xx Price varies by Number of actions

Capture 9

We will continue to update this list as we do further research and testing.

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