Not yet gone through the latest and updated features of the latest Magento 2.2.2? You might miss something great in the field of Magento. If looking for ways to double your sales, purchasing this updated version of Magento is something that has become a necessity.

Wondering what is this? Magento 2.2.2 is the newest version of Magento which has been developed by the Magento experts. As always, this version has come up with the most wonderful features and has already outdone the previous versions of the Magento platform.

The Magento 2 has already enriched the platform with advanced features and better customer experience by reducing certain tasks from the customer’s end. Here, we have a list of features of this latest Magento version. Check this out and look for the features of this updated version of this amazing platform. Hire Magento Developer for further assistance in the field of Magento 2.2.2.


  • Reporting Made Advanced


When looking for the magento application to make advanced reports, this version is going to be the finest option to be chosen. Advanced reporting is generally a paid feature, but when talking about Magento 2.2.2, this feature is inbuilt and it basically plays a very important role.

With this advanced feature, you can access easy-to-use order, product, and customer reports  from the magento admin panel in order to gain new insights and enable data driven decision making.

There are certain prerequisites for using this feature wonderfully.

  • It requires a website that can run on a public web server.
  • The domain must have a valid Security (SSL) certificate.
  • Magento installation must be successful without any error.
  • The reports produced by this are dynamic and are totally based on your products, orders and the customers with a personalized dashboard.


  • This data will help you ascend your sales heading your business towards growth.
  • This report facilitates the activities of determining the activities of customers to provide you with the information about potential customers.
  • This report lets you get the accurate measurement of performance and helps to maintain and enhance customer relations.
  • There are various upgraded features of this latest version of Magento, which will let you make your eCommerce store highly engaged and increase the sales growth.
  • Payment Module Made Quicker Than Ever

This version will enable the payment modules to make the payment process quicker than ever. All you need to do is to sign in and fill up the shipping and payment details once and that is it. With this version, this method will save all your details once you mark the “save for later use” button.

When you fill the details, you will see “Add to cart” button, and by clicking on this, the order can be confirmed and you will receive an order number.

This method provides a better checkout experience to the customers. This feature is highly useful when the users return to the store as it also contains the details and it will be facilitated with an Instant Payment button.


  • Integrated Dotmailer Marketing Automation Software


With this latest magento update, email marketing has also become easier and better. Email marketing automation software is a cloud based email tool that terminates the manual process and generates the emails on its own by fetching data from the magento store.

The emails generated by this in an automated way, are personalized, professional and allows you to communicate with the customers with less manual efforts. Dotmailer automation marketing is introduced for the first time with this version on the magento platform. This new integrated email marketing automation can be applied to magento 2 new features that are included in live magento commerce store.

You can work with this software and and drive more sales and maximum Return on Investment on your business. As these features are effective for B2B and B2C businesses, you can create merchant account with personalized email campaigns with the help of different types of store data.

This facilitates your clients with the powerful solutions that helps the clients to get quality customer and increase sales in the near future. This feature enhances the magento communication and engagement with new customers. The latest version recovers the lost revenue created by highly targeted and personalized chart emails. This feature synchronizes all customer and order data with that from your campaigns and makes your work easier.


  • Advanced Magento Shipping Method


The shipping methods of this latest feature have been updated by considering the requirements of the store owner and customers by allowing them to access of world’s best shipping services. This has integrated Magento with Temando that has enhanced the shipping functionalities, and therefore eases the job of the store owners and customers.

Earlier, the shipping options were very limited and therefore, a huge amount of customers did not complete the entire purchase. But, integration of Temando fixes the issue by offering a variety of shipping method alternatives.

This also makes it easier for customer to determine shipping rates of different methods, and relieves them from the headache of checking the order status. With the help of this, they also may not need to track the details of the product ordered by them by going to other websites.


  • Functional Testing Framework


The functional testing framework of magento 2.2.2 is an open source and cross-platform testing explanation. There are various advantages of this framework. This framework lets the testing process to be as easiest as possible. Basically, it reduces the efforts in regression testing.

This framework will help you improve the traceability, modularity and customizability along with maintainability and reliability of the magento eCommerce store. The main role of this framework is to remove the duplicates in the automated test cases at different types of application. This framework features speedy testing than the resulting better reliability.

These features absolutely sound great but using them practically makes it even more wonderful experience for the magento enthusiasts.