In a recent project, I’ve been using WP Job Manager for adding job functionality. I purchased the Resume add-on, and tried to follow the instructions on how to edit the fields since they were not adequate as they were. I found it helpful have a list of the fields so that I could better follow the documentation, especially since the field names aren’t quite as intuitive as the job field names.

So, per the documentation, you’ll create a function like so:

// Add your own function to filter the fields
add_filter( 'submit_resume_form_fields', 'custom_submit_resume_form_fields' );
// This is your function which takes the fields, modifies them, and returns them
function custom_submit_resume_form_fields( $fields ) {
    // Here we target one of the job fields (candidate name) and change it's label
    $fields['resume_fields']['candidate_name']['label'] = "The Candidate Name";
    // And return the modified fields
    return $fields;

List of Resume Form Fields


While you can edit individual items within the field arrays as per the documentation like this:

    $fields['resume_fields']['candidate_name']['label'] = "The Candidate Name";

You can also edit all of the array items as the same time like you can with job fields doing something like this:

	$fields['resume_fields']['links'] = array (
		'label'		  => __( 'Link to Something Else', 'wp-job-manager-resumes' ),
		'type'        => 'links',
		'required'    => false,
		'placeholder' => '',
		'description' => __( 'Put in Your Fantastic Description Here', 'wp-job-manager-resumes' ),
		'priority'    => 9,
		'fields'      => array(
			'name' => array(
				'label'       => __( 'Link Name Here', 'wp-job-manager-resumes' ),
				'type'        => 'text',
				'required'    => true,
				'placeholder' => '',
				'priority'    => 1
			'url' => array(
				'label'       => __( 'Link Description Here', 'wp-job-manager-resumes' ),
				'type'        => 'text',
				'required'    => true,
				'placeholder' => 'http://',
				'priority'    => 2

This list and all of their array information can be found in wp-job-manager-resumes > includes > forms > class-wp-resume-manager-form-submit-resume

However, if you compare the above code to that file, you’ll see that modifying the fields is a little different than just copying and pasting, so I thought this might help someone else out.

I couldn’t find this list posted online anyway as the Resume add-on is a premium add-on and therefore not available to view on GitHub. Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful as you follow the documentation on the site. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments.