WordPress web design can give a small company very good exposure online. But even though WordPress is a low maintenance solution that receives constant updates and has a massive user base, it may not be the best fit for all kinds of business.

WordPress comes with many features, plugins, and themes to use; most are simple to use, but making a truly outstanding website can be more difficult than it looks. We will cover a few topics in regards to WordPress and its advantages and disadvantages.

Themes & Plugins:

WordPress comes with a myriad of plugins and themes to use, which are mostly free, while other options are premium. These many themes can give your website a beautiful and elegant design, while the plugins provide a variety of features to use.


  • A variety of free themes and plugins to select, apply and use
  • Premium options with many more features
  • Forums and a big user base to learn from
  • Low-cost maintenance plugins and themes to select


  • Many themes and plugins are not being supported or updated anymore
  • Hard to reach developers of old plugins and themes
  • Constant updates that you need to keep up with

Fully customizable options:

With a WordPress website, you can change and customize a wide array of options to make your business stand out more. You can change things such as the background, font type and size, menus, sidebars and many other features to select from. 


  • Wide range of customizable options from the color, theme, and plugins and so on
  • Options and settings as easy to change as with a single click
  • Developers with forum support and their website for extra assistance
  • A well trusted rating system for plugins due to the big user base of WordPress
  • A backup system to keep your old data safe in the event of an unwanted occurrence


  • Many plugins are not new user-friendly
  • Certain customizations need previous knowledge of what to look for
  • Doing changes without a backup can erase all your data
  • WordPress is very customizable but it also has its limitations

Can it really give you the exposure you need?

WordPress, if done correctly, can increase business exposure online, but doing this comes with its challenges and at times you may need to hire professional to make a proper site. 


  • eCommerce plugins are available for selling your products
  • Many themes are available to fit your business-specific needs
  • Customizable options to make things that matter stand out more


  • Premium, well-made but paid options to make your site stand out more
  • Difficult and not user-friendly options that give further customization than the basic
  • Previous understanding of HTML and CSS may be required for most customizations

Last thoughts:

WordPress is an excellent choice to provide the customization your website needs to give your company more exposure, but it comes with its limitations and difficulties. You may need to hire a professional for guidance and assistance to make a site that will truly stand out amongst the rest; for that, give us a call or send us an email to get started!

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