Introduction to Improving Web Design with Instagram

Instagram has become so popular that some people prefer it to Facebook. So long as you have a working smartphone, you can install the Instagram app and keep scrolling through the millions of photos that are available. Today, Instagram is used in online marketing. If you plan on doing the same, there is a very good reason why you should consider improving web design with Instagram feeds.

Adding Facebook and Twitter on a business website has been prominent for some time now. This is because the feeds from these social networks get rid of the need for a news page or blog. One thing you need to note is that you can also add the feeds from Instagram onto your website.

The best thing about improving web design with Instagram is that it brings your website alive and makes it look more connected. This works well if you regularly update your Instagram. This way, the feeds on your website will be dynamic and fresh. What’s more, Instagram images are more curated than galleries from traditional websites. Our web services team here at Scepter Marketing can teach you how to best use Instagram and other social media to best suit your company’s needs.

Improving Web Design with Instagram: Which Images?

The images that are featured on your website need to be relevant to your website. What this means is that, when picking the images to use, you should choose them based on brand-relevant hashtags. This is the key to improving web design with Instagram: making the feeds more accessible and interactive.

Another option for improving web design with Instagram feeds is only displaying images you have added to the feed. This is much safer than the first option, which can be problematic when someone hashtags an image that is irrelevant to your hashtag. Followers for Instagram will surely appreciate the second option as it is more specific.

Best Embedding Tools for Improving Web Design with Instagram Feeds

Now that you understand the importance of improving web design with Instagram, it is good to learn about the tools you can use:

  • Instagram official embedding

This is the first tool you should consider. The developers of Instagram have made it possible to embed feeds as well as separate photo posts on your website. It works best on WordPress accounts. Make sure you go through the tutorial for embedding feeds before actually using this feature.

  • Instash

This is a great tool for the active Instagram user. It allows you to create wallpapers using your Instagram images. You can use the wallpapers as Facebook or Twitter covers. There are 14 types of gallery designs from which to pick. You also pick photos from the feed and specific accounts such as hashtags and liked photos. This tool offers a great way to add life to your web design.

  • Snapwidget

The tool offers a wide range of widgets. You will get widgets that allow for filtering using usernames, adding an image location map, creating amazing slideshows out of chosen snaps, making scroll headers and a range of other options needed for improving web design using Instagram. The only thing you have to do is to ensure you display only the relevant photos. Using Instagram on your website will substantially boost your web design.