When working as a WordPress website designer, keeping your WordPress website updated with the newest themes available is important to do. Not only does this gives a fresher overall look to your website, but it can also give your website the ability to use plugins that could have become incompatible on your current theme due to it being outdated.

Updating the theme of your WordPress website can be as easy as doing a left click on top of the activate button, but it can also come with complications and important things to keep in mind. For example, if the new theme is not widget-ready, it can cause your sidebars and other areas of your website to be affected, and you can even lose that data if you did not make a backup beforehand!

How to Customize Your Theme

Themes have various settings to change such as colors, background, font type & size, logo, and many other changes. When doing customization on a WordPress website, you need to keep in mind that not only will people visit your site via a computer, but also through many other devices such as mobile phones. 

Keeping your website mobile friendly is a must nowadays because most people will visit your site via that method. Knowing which plugin to use and their limitations is also important. WPtouch turns your website mobile-friendly by adding elegant and easy-to-use features for mobile users. On the other hand, Breadcrumb is a navigation plugin for computer users, but can make cellphone visitors have a hard time due to how it displays on mobile devices.

Choose the Right Theme for Your Site

Themes come in many flavors and colors, as well as functionalities. Depending on your type of business, one theme may prevail as better against another. For example, if you are an international company you would want to have your company’s phone and email easy to read and find for many visitors, but if you are only a local store, perhaps showing an easy to read address and schedule would be a different story.

Themes can come already packed with many features and functionalities, but also there are others you will need in order to manage many elements of its design such as menus, parallax backgrounds, sliders, feature boxes, and many others. However, these can be very time consuming as they have to be set up almost from scratch. 

When it comes to working on a theme, work with one that suits the best for your interests, your company and also your time. 

Final words:

Choosing the right theme can at times be difficult, but also very rewarding if done correctly. A good functioning and efficient website can prevail against a clunky and oversaturated one. Be sure to add the necessary plugins, but only the necessary ones as you want your website to not only be well-done and elegant, but also quick to load and simple to navigate through. 

Knowing how to optimize a website is a must, and if you are unsure, you can leave that work to a professional such as Scepter Marketing. Contact us about custom themes to make your website stand out.


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