Project Manager

We’re looking for a highly talented individual who is a “jack of all trades” when it comes to websites and marketing. The primary role will overseeing web projects from seller hand-off to branding / identity, to graphic design, to website mock-ups, to web site creation, to quality assurance, to customer hand-off. You must have impeccable communication skills, patience enough to explain web lingo to non-tech-savvy customers, and be organized enough to handle 5-10 projects at a time without dropping any balls.

The position is one for a leader who can work with our existing team of WordPress experts, development teams, branding managers, and data entry teams. You will need to ensure that these team members play to their strengths but are being stretched enough to grow in their skills all while driving results for our customers and meeting company deadlines. You should be the kind of person that thrives in chaos, is not easily stressed, always seeks to refine processes, and loves a good challenge. If that’s you, then we look forward to talking.


We are looking another for 3-5 people to join our writing team. Our writers write about everything from web design and marketing to taxidermy to products and we use WordPress to do it. We need writers for both blogs as well as static content on sites such as contact pages, about us pages, services pages, and product descriptions. You should be able to write with a variety of voices as well (conversational, technical, etc.).

You need to have a basic understanding of SEO and the role that content creation plays in it. It would be helpful if you are familiar with the “pillar” / “silo” model of writing. If you’re not, Google it before applying.

Our rates range between 1 and 3 cents per word depending on the writer, the topic, and the difficulty of finding writers for that niche.

WordPress Expert

We are looking to add a WP guru to our team. The primary responsibilities will be setting up and configuring WP themes. For the most part, we stick to the most popular premium themes Avada and Divi, but occasionally we have customers who are using different themes, and we need to accommodate them as well. To apply for the job, you should be able to do the following tasks in your sleep:

  • Configure DNS on any of the major registrars
  • Migrate a WP site using plugins, cPanel’s built in tools, or manually via phpmyadmin and good ol’ fashion file transfers
  • Raise the PHP memory limit and max vars
  • Install themes and plugins via the uploader
  • Update links via phpmyadmin after a transfer from one domain to another
  • Use widgets, themes options, and page options or be able to figure it out quickly
  • Use page builders such as Fusion Builder, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, and Site Origin’s Page Builder
  • Basic HTML and CSS

Also having some familiarity with the following would be helpful:

  • Be quite familiar with Rev Slider
  • Having some basic image editing skills to remove backgrounds, add text overlays, crop images, and resize images
  • Advanced HTML and CSS along with enough PHP to at least hide a statement without breaking WordPress. If you can tweak or even build plugins / themes then hurry up and apply.
  • Page speed optimization
  • On page SEO that goes beyond the “green dot” on Yoast such as site structure, interlinking, proper category and tag usage, which headings should be used when / where, etc.
  • Experience with major plugins like Woocommerce, the various membership plugins, Gravity Forms / Ninja Forms, Yoast, Maintenance WP, etc.

If that sounds like you, then please fill out the application, and we’ll go from there.

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