Fashion remains an avenue of expressing individuality. Our choice of fashion enables us to distinguish between one another and help us find similar likes. This idea holds true even for these best fashion WordPress themes. When starting any site that deals with fashion, establishing a brand of your own is crucial to be a success.

Which theme could help you not be generic? Which theme could help you craft your identity and bring out the best in your portfolio? Different themes offer different layouts and color schemes that may or may not complement your branding or site purpose. It is best to pay attention to the template’s functional features before making a choice. Thankfully, we list all their features below on our best fashion WordPress themes list. If you need help setting up your favorite theme, contact us for our WordPress expertise.

Best Fashion WordPress Themes


fashion theme by olsen

Built for bloggers who live and breathe in the world of fashion, the Olsen theme for WordPress knows how to help users communicate vibrant lifestyle news. This highly responsive theme has a wide selection of customizable layouts that help emphasize the zest of life in every post. You can customize how each post looks, and it will always end up looking professionally finished.

Selecting from different post formats can be an intuitive learning experience. This remains true when using the compatible drag and drop page builder specifically suited for the theme. You can create a variety of fashion-inspired images, from interior design to clothing portfolios, with this theme’s elegant gallery display options. You can expect 24/7 support when you get an active subscription for the template. This opens up access to regular theme releases, updates and forum support.

The Olsen template on our best fashion WordPress themes list could still work without an active subscription going and it’s also open for white labeling opportunities.


fashion theme by pinmaister

Pinmaister is another great template on our best fashion WordPress themes list, built specifically for lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogs. You can customize your home and landing pages in a vibrant, professional, and elegant way.

This template excels in providing multiple color functionality from the top to bottom of each page. It has an infinite color selection feature that could be applied to your backgrounds, posts, and typography options. Site visitors could enjoy the “love it button” response available for each post you generate. When paired with the social sharing functionality offered by its content widgets, your page could attract more views and visibility. Other than improving your branding identity with maximizing colors, you can flexibly adjust the mood of your posts as needed.

This feature taps into the color power, which influences people’s perception as they view your pages. With active subscription, this template has constant updates and customer support.


fashion theme by glam pro

Next up on our best fashion WordPress themes list: Glam Pro. It is an example of balance and glamour found in one template. Behind the simple aesthetic appeal, this template has the versatile functionality to help users create a fashion site that enthusiasts of the industry could keep coming back to. The Glam Pro theme is perfect for fashion blogs and lifestyle news.

Each section and post can be customized according to your branding identity. Plus, it is a highly responsive theme that grants a friendly mobile user experience for any fashion enthusiast accessing your site. You can feature stunning clothing lines and cosmetic products with its set of gallery sections.

Because it is compatible with WooCommerce, this surely means customer could enjoy convenient access to your products offered. This template comes with email, tickets, and community support to ensure users can get the prompt help they need.


Screenshot 279 1024x576

The Salon theme for WordPress is any beautician’s friend when introducing what value their services could bring for customers willing to be pampered in a salon. This theme is dedicated ready to represent your establishment’s best parts for enticing potential customers visiting your site. It has a powerful set of aesthetic enhancing and versatile functions you need to showcase what your spa could do.

It comes with a parallax effect background and foreground display. Images can either be showcased static or with dynamic carousel displays in smooth transitions. Furthermore, customers could enjoy coming back to your establishment knowing things will never be a hassle during the wait. An Appointment Booking Manager feature is included within this template that helps customers make reservations and you to easily track the appointments.

Your customers would definitely enjoy being pampered at their convenient schedules. This template on our best fashion WordPress themes list also lets you control the flow of work expected within the day.


fashion theme by mary kate

The Mary Kate template on our best fashion WordPress themes list presents a set of lovely feminine layouts to work with. The color scheme definitely speaks of feminine touch from top to bottom. This theme excels at the use of light colors that are gentle and elegant to the eyes.

Mobile users would definitely appreciate your clutter-free and scalable site as they browse through your stunning gallery sections. Whenever you showcase feminine products on your blog, you can customize each post or gallery with a professional finish. Creating a vibrant fashion portfolio will never be a difficult challenge as this theme has gallery builders to make the job run smooth.

Customers would appreciate how easy it is to locate content they want to see from your site as soon as they land on the page. This is made possible with a convenient navigation bar that can flexibly be positioned to any strategic part of the site.


fashion theme by infinite

Another great alternative on our best fashion WordPress themes list, Infinite is designed for supporting multiple types of business sites. That means this theme also works well with any fashion blog, lifestyle blog, or travel blog creation in mind. Created by GoodLayers, this template ensures your site remains competitively functional with multiple browsers and various mobile devices.

As a multipurpose theme, it has all the features you need to get started with your passion for sharing fashion worldwide. It has a powerful blogging functionality that you can maximize with 14 predefined layouts to choose from. Furthermore, multiple sets of gallery and portfolio layouts are available and ready for brand customization. Your site will never be dull with its multi-level customization features to offer.

It comes with auto-updates, a feature which relieves you from worrying whether the new browser or WordPress updates will render the theme obsolete. With the Infinite theme, you can enjoy working with a professional layout and powerful sets of options panel to keep your pages in top shape.


Screenshot 278 1024x576

You can start making that dream fashion blog into your reality with this template on our best fashion WordPress themes list. The Styler theme has the right features ready to make your blogs always look professionally laid out and stylish. It comes with five custom post types to choose and customize according to your brand.

You can emphasize each post to get each piece of content the attention it deserves. You can create a variety of functional fashion section from blogs to testimonials. This is accomplished through any powerful page builder panels the template is compatible to work with. Dragging and dropping site contents using strategic position can be done in a matter of minutes. This means less time for mundane work and more time to do what you are passionate about in your site.

The template also contains built-in widgets that reduce your need to opt for third party plugins that may only add to your site’s loading time. These widgets are also great for social sharing functions and other added site functionally suited to your needs.


fashion theme by fashion blog1

The Fashion Blog theme contains all the basic features you need to get started on bringing the best fashion blog to life. A product of combined functionality, intelligent design, and simplicity, the Fashion Blog theme stands out as a fashion theme easy to work with.

Because of the HTML 5 and CSS3 coding built behind the template, you are sure to operate with a theme that can keep up with the modern browsers around. It contains a easy to use option panels to customize your site they way fashion enthusiasts can expect from a fashion blog, professionally designed and elegant. It comes with a variety of functional widgets to complement other site functions and minimize third party plugin liabilities.

As a theme built for fashion bloggers, this is optimized for Adsense use, which allows bloggers for more monetizing opportunities with their content. No need to worry about on page optimization, the theme is built for that and is highly responsive enough for mobile users to enjoy.


fashion theme by chamomile

Next up on our best fashion WordPress themes list, a theme that is feminine and gentle to the eyes: Chamomile has simplicity laid out all over it. Behind this theme’s feminine style lies an intelligently designed coding that could accommodate multiple browsers and facilitate faster loading speeds during site visits. Chamomile works well for offering wedding planning services and related wedding products. It could also be customized to a fashion and lifestyle blog.

This is made possible through the flexible features and various pre-made layouts to choose from. You can introduce several sections that add variety to what your site offers. Other than blogs, testimonials and services, you could offer some wedding products for purchase through a convenience payment gateway system.

This theme is responsive for all devices that ensures customers would access your quality content without being bothered by awkward looking displays. Everything in the page is made easy for customization due to the built-in page builder panels.


Screenshot 281 1024x576

The Beaute template on our best fashion WordPress themes list was made for businesses involved with providing health and beauty services. It works well for health spas, beauty salons, and drybars. Plus, the scope of this template’s functionality goes beyond creating shareable blogs. It has the flexible gallery creation functions to help you showcase how your establishment could bring comfort and pampering to customers.

It comes with evolution sliders for dynamic portfolio presentations. Because the template is highly responsive enough for all types of mobile devices, you can be sure to see smooth transitions going per animation done on the page. This advantage comes without the usual drawbacks of having a dynamic gallery that usually contribute to longer loading times and visitor retention. This is due to the responsiveness for mobile devices and efficient plugins that run in the background.

A Socials Ignited feature is available for integrating multiple social media accounts in your pages. This facilitates extensive customer engagement to a variety of social media platforms and enhances visibility. Why not take one of the best fashion WordPress themes for a walk down the runway?


fashion theme by mariella

This template on our best fashion WordPress themes list has helped countless fashion designers and bloggers create great portfolios with its professionally designed features. The Mariella theme enables you to create customizable posts that enhance your online presence as a fashion blogger. As you build your page with its in-built pre-made layouts, you can appreciate how easy the process of getting your site up in a short period of time.

Setting up your site from installation to customized finish requires no coding and everything can be learned intuitive. Furthermore, most of the difficult parts about creating a site have been removed and thus leaving most of the work fall onto customizations. It comes with 15 bonus topic images for added display options. This theme helps you demonstrate the feel of fashion right from the pages of your blog.

Other than opting for pre-made layouts, you have the option to customize more sections of your pages with imagination as the usual limit. Because fashion is dynamic and vibrant, you can communicate this on your pages with revolution sliders for page presentations with smooth animations.


fashion theme by kustrix

Whether it’s a lifestyle blog or a fashion blog, this template on our best fashion WordPress themes list knows how to help you create a great site specifically for both worlds. Kustrix features a simple grid and column layouts you can freely customize. With its drag and drop page builder option, you will find page organizing simple to do and intuitive to learn.

As a fashion-inspired theme, you can display multiple stunning slides with spontaneity through revolution sliders that are integrated with the template. The Kustrix theme is highly responsive enough for mobile devices and its already on page optimized. You can expect quicker loading times whenever a visitor visits the site or when making some adjustments to your layouts.

Because of its flexibility, you can easily modify custom posts to suit content be it a blog or galleries to showcase your portfolio. This theme’s options panel helps keep content clean and strategically placed to draw in more customer engagement.


Demo Preview for Fairy Style Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme 58499 1024x506

The Fairy Style template on our best fashion WordPress themes list was specifically designed for monetizing your fashion collection. That means you can expect eCommerce integration is an integral part of the theme’s identity. The Fairy Style features flexible functionality when it comes to showcasing the best parts about your online portfolio.

It comes with carousel sliders that provide seamless animation transitions across any mobile device. This theme also offers versatile opportunities for exercising creativity. This one has 100% GPL License which allows you to customize its resources beyond the standard pre-made layouts. As a theme that works well for online fashion stores, you can increase the likelihood of conversions when you take advantage of its newsletter subscription function. Avid customers would definitely love to be kept up to date about new product offers and news.

Customers could register in your site and this lets you know your customers more especially when paired with strong data analytics. This theme has WordPress Customizer compatibility that lets you organize changes to the site with a preview before making actual changes.


fashion theme by glossy

What’s a fashion blog without a series of collections to show off with? Fashion designers need a reliable and powerful creative theme to showcase their stylish collections. In the world of fashion, specifically for fashion designers, they let their portfolios talk for theme.

With the Glossy theme for WordPress, designers could easily creative stunning galleries that clients or fashion enthusiasts could have a reason to frequently come back to. It features seven great blog layouts and each can be customized to emphasize a designer’s unique collection one at a time. Your fashion blogs will never remain static and dull as multiple layouts are available to keep viewers surprised with how content is displayed. A reliable admin panel is available ensures your presentations will never fall below professional standards. Complete with social sharing functionality, content could easily reach out to multiple audiences across social media different social media platforms. It comes with a one click demo installation feature which you can provide some quick starts on getting your dream site up instantly. Try out one of the best fashion WordPress themes today.