Over 24% of the web is powered by WordPress. WordPress isn’t stopping there either; its goal is to turn the 24% into 50% in the near future. If you are not already on the WordPress bandwagon, you better get on board soon.

WordPress makes it easy for one to create a functional site that’s both stable and sustainable. This it does by offering website creators and managers a wide variety of little handy plugins. The fact that the best of these plugins have over a million downloads shows exactly how useful these plugins are.

We, therefore, shine light upon some of the tools that are designed to take your WordPress site to the next level.

  1. OptinMonster

This is a tool that has gained popularity as the king of conversion rate optimization. Through OptinMonster visitors who leave your site are converted to email subscribers. This way you have an easy means to grow your email list.

As you can see, this is a novel way of generating leads for your business. One of the reasons for OptinMonster’s growing popularity is its ability to create opt-in forms of great aesthetic beauty. The forms created by this plugin are both beautiful and attention-grabbing.

OptinMonster has come out as one of the top performing solutions available to website owners who want to create popups and generate leads. On top of that, it is able to analyze the behavior of your visitors and detect which one of them is about to leave. It then creates a campaign targeting these visitors just before they abandon your site.

  1. WordPress Popular Posts

You probably have seen that most sites have a section for popular posts. The popular post section helps your website by directing visitors to your best content. In the long run, this boosts your page views. This plugin takes the crown as one of a favorite most popular plugin for WordPress.

This tool lets you showcase your popular posts based on the parameters that you set. You can, for example, show the articles that have been trending within a specified date range. You can even show the articles with the highest number of views or comments.

WordPress Popular posts is multi-widget capable. This allows you to easily add a single widget multiple times be it into one or different sidebars. Among the many things you can do include applying your own personalized CSS, show post excerpts thumbnails, number of views, authors, and number of comments among other things.

  1. WPForms

This is one plugin that puts your customers in their place; at the top. It does so by allowing them to contact you easily and fast. This is one of the most beginner friendly plugins for WordPress. WPForms is an online drag & drop form builder that is meant to help website owners to create different forms including contact forms, order forms, payment forms, email subscriptions and payment forms among many other types of forms.

WPForms is available in two versions, a lite version for folks who are looking for a simpler form creator. The pro version is packed extra advanced features for a more professional experience.

  1. Monster Insights

Monster Insights connects your website to google analytics. It is one of the plugins that are very good at this. In so doing the plugin gives you valuable information about the visitors who come to your website. Through the data you get, you can tell who your visitors are, where they are from and what they come to do at your website. You, therefore, have an opportunity to optimize your website for enhanced earnings.

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  1. Sucuri

Online security is a major concern for every business. Sucuri has a web application firewall that offers excellent protection for your WordPress site.

As your site gets bigger and more popular, you realize that the risk and frequency of web attacks will gradually increase. You will find yourself dealing with more and more brute force attacks, DDoS, feed attacks and tons of spam and spammers.

You, therefore, need to harden your security and find a real-time WordPress security solution.

Sucuri specializes in protecting your WordPress site from malware, blacklists, DDoS, and hackers. It does this by redirecting all the site’s traffic to go through a cloud proxy firewall before reaching your hosting server. In so doing Sucuri is able to identify and eliminate any threats to your web security. Besides securing your website, Sucuri reduces server loads significantly and improves the speed of your site.

  1. BackupBuddy

Backing up your site is highly recommended for anyone running a serious WordPress site. You never know when an unfortunate thing such as being hacked or locked out of your site might happen. Once you’ve backed your site up, you can rest easy knowing that your WordPress site is in your hands no matter what.

There’s a lot that BackupBuddy has to offer. This premium plugin allows you to back up your site to other cloud service providers including their cloud service called Stash and others such as Dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3, and Rackspace Cloud. You can also send your entire site to your email.

BackupBuddy isn’t subscription based; you thus don’t need to pay monthly fees. You can additionally use the same plugin for different sites based on the plan that you buy. With it, you also can duplicate, restore and even migrate your website. There’s a ton of added benefits as well including 1GB free cloud storage for backing up your site, premium support and regular updates among other things.

This is merely a taste of what WordPress has to offer from their plugins basket. The plugin ocean is nonetheless very wide in manner of speaking. The above tools were however chosen based on their functionality and popularity among users. As technology grows with each waking day, new better plugins may appear while existing ones get better. We, therefore, would like to hear from you what amazing plugins you are using and how your experience was like using them.