Are you fascinated with statistics? So are we! In fact, we’re doing our own primary research into the number of WordPress themes in existence. Be sure to check out that post for updates. So far, the count is at around 31,000. Does that surprise you? In some ways, it seems like a small number, and yet it also means there’s an incredible amount of themes to choose from, as well as a healthy number of web developers creating them.

But WordPress’s reach goes far beyond mere themes. In fact, did you know that WordPress powers nearly a third of all websites? On the entire Internet?? WordPress may not make it into the mainstream news the way that Google and Apple do, but the company’s offerings play a huge role in how we access the Internet and create websites.

So for all you other fact-loving WordPress aficionados out there, we’re happy to share Hosting Tribunal’s mega infographic with more WordPress stats than you’ll even know what to do with. Enjoy!

(For full sourcing information, visit the original post on the Hosting Tribunal website. We’ve shared the infographic here with permission.)