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What is Website Backlink Building?

Website backlink building is the process of creating referral links from external pages and leading them back to your site. Your business site’s rankings are influenced by how much website backlink building you’ve done and, more importantly, the quality of its backlinks – especially from established credible sites. At Scepter Marketing, we can help you figure how to best use website backlink building to the best advantage of your business site.

The Pros of Website Backlink Building:

It helps your business build authority

Website backlink building directed to your site’s content usually conveys trust in your content. It shows to users visiting from an external page that it’s a useful website. If the external page talks about a topic and mentions your site’s content out of relevance, a backlink may be created for the reader to see another source of reference.
If your web pages contain credible content and more backlinks are generated towards it, this creates an impression of authority for Google’s search engine crawlers. Because search engines only want to improve user experience in searching for relevant and useful information, it would naturally favor credible sites over poor content-producing sites.

It raises your popularity rankings

Website backlink building can increase your visibility outside organic searches from Google’s search engine. Popularity usually follows after building credibility for your pages.

It creates a snowball effect

Continuously working on website backlink building on your site can further improve your ranking popularity. This, further, makes your site more credible and appealing through which external pages can link. Your pages’ rise in popularity and credibility compels more external pages to use your content as a reference.

The Cons of Website Backlink Building:

It takes a long time to see results

Website backlink building is difficult because the backlinks need to be natural and relevant to the external page’s purpose. If your content does not provide value for the external page’s content, then there is no sense to link back to your page. Furthermore, a few backlinks do not necessarily guarantee you a surge of traffic.
Online users have a shorter attention span. If the external page has already provided the bulk of what they need, there is a lower chance that they would click the link to your page. However, this should not deter you from trying anyway. Website backlink building is your other source of traffic besides search engines and it comes at no cost compared to paid searches.

Long-term relationship maintenance

Long-term relationships with external pages are necessary to keep this steady source of traffic through website backlink building. Besides considering the other party’s view about any changes to your content, you also have to think about returning the favor by linking the external page in your own content. This creates an exit portal from your site, which most businesses are ambivalent to do.
But linking to outside of your web pages is actually a good SEO practice. Websites that rank high on Google’s search engine results contain a plethora of internal and external links. This is in congruence with Google’s objective to create a web atmosphere where information is easily accessible.


Creating exit portals to your business site through website backlink building can indirectly improve your rankings. However, this should be done carefully and coupled with marketing analytics. The Scepter Marketing team is capable of helping you identify what kind of website backlink building can serve your site better. Other than website backlink building, there are tons of ways to optimize your site for better rankings. Scepter Marketing can do this for you and much more.