Project Description

An advanced project relying heavily on machine learning through Amazon Web Service’s Lambda framework, Faceshield seeks to protect our identities in the age of facial recognition software. The online app is an Instagram-like filter you can apply to your photos that blocks face detection online. It adds noise to specific regions of your face such as eyes, nose or jaw line to ‘fool’ a face detector into thinking there is no face in the photo.

Faceshield has been featured in Science Daily, The Economic Times, Venture Beat, and more. We are ecstatic to have had to opportunity to bring this exiting new technology to the world through working directly with the founders of Faceshield.

Scepter was instrumental in the creation of the Faceshield web-app, first by creating the front-end design with our team of expert designers. Next, the Scepter team integrated the advanced machine learning API with the client-side site, culminating in the creation of a custom SSL-secured LAMP Virtual Private Server (VPS) to ensure the site has a secure home online for years to come.