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Live Avada Theme Support

US-based Avada Theme Support by the Avada Pros

The Avada theme is the best-selling WordPress theme ever, and here at Scepter we develop more Avada sites than anyone we know. We are truly Avada Theme Professionals.

Our 3rd Party Avada Theme Support is Live

Has Your Paid Avada Support Expired? Our Live Avada Theme Support means no more filling out tickets, waiting hours, playing email tag and taking days to fix the simplest Avada theme issues. Depending on your needs, we use a combination of chat clients, TeamViewer, and the plain old telephone to solve your Avada issues while you watch. We can usually make the fixes immediately, and you can check and approve them live.

Our Avada Support is US-based

Our US-based Avada support team works only on the Avada theme. What does this mean to you? It means that most fixes and customizations can be done inside of the Fusion Builder or Theme Options framework, instead of modifying the theme files. No child themes, no more changes that get lost every time the theme updates.

Want to give us a try? Contact us at any of the numbers or apps below for a special discount on your first Avada Theme support ticket!

*We are not in any way affiliated with Avada nor ThemeFusion.*

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